Cassiopeia Hollow


Cassiopeia Hollow (浮海月の巌穴 [ukikurage no iwaana] or 'grotto of floating jellyfish' in Japanese) was a cavern complex just south of Camp Bloodshore. Its mainstay were the ever-present Cassiopeia-type jellyfish, for which the Hollow might have gotten its name. It's also characterized by shallow pools of water and luminescent coral growths and other luminescent plant life.

Not much is known about the history of Cassiopeia Hollow, other than that it was traditionally a destination for pilgrims1, especially pilgrims devoted to Llymlaen. These pilgrims devote a portion of each year to follow the story of Llymalen's Ascent in order, and several of the locations are present in Cassiopeia Hollow.

The entrance to Cassiopeia Hollow collapsed in the Calamity.




Storm Sergeant Hammil (The Maelstrom leve giver)
Cassiopeia Hollow Battlewarden


Regular Monsters
Earth Elemental
Goblin Thug
Island Crab
Lightning Elemental
Lowland Billygoat
Lowland Nannygoat
Painted Ladybug
Pus Gnat
Sea Hare
Stormcry Boatswain
Stormcry Powder Monkey
Stormcry Quartermaster

Additional Guildleve and Behest Monsters
Darkwing Devilet
Feral Dodo
Fire Bomb
Giant Bat
Giant Slug
Hoverfly Swarm
Salt Hare
Sea Puk
Skeleton Swordbearer
Syrphid Cloud
Vile Gnat
Water Elemental
Yarzon Scavenger

Ser Aucheforne of the High Tide

Notorious Monsters
Bomb Baron
Unknown Soldier


Fighting Leves
Awful Offal
Crabs in a Barrel
Escape from Cell D72
Necrologos: Inferno
Necrologos: The Boughs Above
Orbs for the Ossuary
Protecting the Pilgrims
Spooring Spores

Azeyma's Shields Leves
Wanted: Ser Aucheforne of the High Tide

Horn and Hand Leves
Spoiled Soil

Gathering Points

Fishing (Grade 4)
Crimson Crayfish
Lamp Marimo
Nether Newt

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