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The Carteneau Flats (カルテノー平原 [carteneau heigen] or 'carteneau plains' in Japanese) is an area in southern Mor Dhona in Final Fantasy XIV. It is most likely located south of Brittlebark and north of Bluefog in Thanalan. The area, unlike the crystallized craggy ground of the Mor Dhona region around Silvertear Lake, and unlike the mountainy craggy desert of Bluefog is a plains area, albeit one largely bereft of life.


During the year 1573 the area was largely taken over the soldiers of the Garlean Empire, and more specifically the VIIth Legion, led by legatus Nael Van Darnus who initiated the Meteor project, and thus Dalamud's fall to Eorzea. Their reasons for taking over the barren area seem to be simple - it was the focal point, the area where Dalamud was to fall.

In the autumn of 1573, the Grand Companies of Eorzea decided that the Carteneau Flats would be where they would make a stand against the Garlean forces. All main units headed for the area, and after a long march and preparations, the main battle was fought on 11th of the 6th Astral month. This was also the day Dalamud released its true fury - the primal Bahamut broke free from its cage. The Archons, led by Louisoix Leveilleur, made a plea to the Twelve to have him imprisoned into a new Dalamud. For a moment it seemed like they had succeeded, but then Bahamut broke free and released a Mega Flare in the region.
It is unknown what exactly happened at the site during that time. A remnant of this battle is a giant key of the gods that fell from the original Dalamud.

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