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The town of Capo (カーポの村1 [caapo no mura] or 'caapo town' in Japanese) is a small fishing town on the north-western coast of the big western continent. It is located in a valley closed off on all sides with mountains, and the only way in or out is usually be boat. If one should be able to travel the mountains, there is Deist to the north-east and Rusalka on the coast to the south.

There is a small chaotic rift located on the outskirts of the town. It can take you to Dragon Roost.

During the story in Final Fantasy Dimensions when the Warriors of Light are on their journey, they end up in Capo. At this time, Capo has been taken over by a band of pirates led by the pirate king Bikke. The Warriors soon defeat all the pirates stationed at Capo and they agree to take the Warriors on their ship to see Bikke on Pirate Island, their hideout. When they arrive, it turns out that the occupation of Capo was because the 'sea witch', the Water General of Avalon, had commanded them to.



150 gil

Item Shop
Potion - 30 gil
Phoenix Down - 200 gil
Gold Needle - 400 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Mallet - 80 gil
Echo Grass - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Tent - 200 gil
Sacred Candle - 100 gil

White Magic Shop
Slow - 300 gil
Silence - 300 gil
Mini - 300 gil
Cura - 700 gil
Protect - 700 gil
Raise - 700 gil

Black Magic Shop
Poison - 300 gil
Sleep - 300 gil
Toad - 300 gil
Fira - 700 gil
Blizzara - 700 gil
Thundara - 700 gil

Weapon Shop
Man-Eater - 2,200 gil
Greatsword - 2,900 gil
Trident - 2,800 gil
Slasher - 2,000 gil
Cat Claws - 2,500 gil
Mage's Staff - 2,700 gil
Flame Rod - 1,600 gil
Ice Rod - 1,600 gil
Thunder Rod - 1,600 gil
Great Bow - 2,600 gil
Tamer's Whip - 1,900 gil

Armor Shop
Large Shield - 1,350 gil
Headgear - 1,000 gil
Mage's Hat - 1,250 gil
Sarit - 1,200 gil
Silver Hauberk - 2,400 gil
Mage's Robe - 2,600 gil
Linen Cuirass - 2,700 gil
Iron Armlet - 800 gil
Silver Bangle - 700 gil


Capo Town
Echo Grass
Eye Drops


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