Canaan (カナーン [canaan] in Japanese) is a fairly big town on the floating continent in Final Fantasy III. Its country affiliation is unknown, it could be either independent, part of the kingdom of Argus to the west, or part of the kingdom of Sasune to the north. It is located close to the shore of the inner sea, south of the Parmeni Mountains and a little north-west of Mt Genora.

There's nothing particularly noteworthy about Canaan, aside from it being home to the ex-adventurer and mechanic Cid Haze, (re-)inventor of the airship. During the game, the Warriors of Light visit the town several times in their dealings with Cid, as well as the local girl Salina who fell in love with an amnesiac man she took in and nursed to health.
Later on in the game after using Mognet enough, Cid sends the Warriors a letter about the monster in his basement. The Warriors dutifully come defeat it, and gain orichalcum for their troubles, as well as knowledge about the Legendary Smith.

Canaan in the real world refers to the lands which were inhabited by biblical (pre- and post-Jewish) tribes who originally worshiped many gods, and included such nations as Israel and Phoenicia. It served as a battleground for the great empires which surrounded the region, including Egypt and Assyria.



Cid's House

Cid's wife has fallen ill when he was gone, and requires an Elixir to cure. Once you hand over the goods, you gain access to the basement level with its many treasure chests.

Salina's House

After her beloved Desch left town, Salina took to being bedridden with worry. Talking to her gives you pointers on where to go next in the story.



Regular NPCs
Cid Haze
Unnamed NPCs in Canaan

Quest NPCs
Legendary Smith


Item Shop
Potion - 50 gil
Eye Drops - 40 gil
Antidote - 80 gil
Echo Herbs - 100 gil (remake only)
Gold Needle - 100 gil (remake only)

Weapons Shop
Mythril Rod - 400 gil
Mythril Knife - 500 gil
Mythril Sword - 500 gil
Great Bow - 1,200 gil (remake only)
Iron Arrow - 8 gil (remake only)

Armor Shop
Mythril Armor - 350 gil
Mythril Shield - 180 gil
Mythril Helm - 130 gil
Mythril Gloves - 120 gil
Mythril Bracers - 120 gil

Magic Shop
Cure - 100 gil
Thunder - 700 gil
Poison - 700 gil
Blind - 700 gil



Cid's House B1F
2,000 gil
2,000 gil
Gnomish Bread
Gnomish Bread
Gold Needle
Great Bow
Iron Arrow x20
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down

Salina's House
Gold Needle


Canaan surroundings
Killer Bee

Cid's House B1F
Quest: Aeon

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