Buscarron's Fold
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Buscarron's Fold (バスカロン監視所 [buscarron kanshijo] or 'buscarron lookout post' in Japanese) was a small settlement off the Lumberline in the area of Tranquil Paths, not too far from the local aetheryte camp. It had long served as a watchhouse and a waypoint for travelers, and its few inhabitants lead a self-sufficient life, hunting and harvesting around the Fold.

In the aftermath of the Calamity Gridania's defensive priorities changed however, obsoleting this outpost. For all its history, the Fold was led by people of the Buscarron line. In the present day, Buscarron Stacks has established his new settlement Buscarron's Druthers nearby to where the Fold once stood. Its remains are now known as Buscarron's Scar (バスカロン監視所跡 [buscarron kanshijo ato] or 'buscarron lookout post ruins'), and only qiqirn frequent the place.



Please see the Tranquil Paths page for information on 2.0 mob presence. Below is 1.x info only.


Fold Inhabitants

Raih Kaatapoh

Millith Ironheart

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