Burnt Lizard Creek


Burnt Lizard Creek (リザードクリーク [lizard creek] in Japanese) is an area in southern Thanalan. In version 1.x it was still a proper area, a kind of a canyon surrounding a shallow creek, and opened up to Broken Water in the north and east. After the Calamity the large canyon area appears to be inaccessible, although the creek is still present, dividing Broken Water to the north from Zanr'ak to the south. To the west it appears to head past the southern walls of Ul'dah towards the Rhotano Sea, and in the east it reaches at the very least the Ring of Ash, a local amalj'aa settlement.


Gathering (2.0+ only)

Fishing Log: Burnt Lizard Creek
Level: 25, Type: Freshwater
Dark Bass
Old Hollow Eyes
Warmwater Trout

Monsters (1.x only)

Regular Monsters
Molting Miteling
Pus Gnat

Category: Area

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