Broken Water


Broken Water (ブロークンウォーター [broken water] in Japanese) is the main area of southern Thanalan before the Sagolii Desert spreads out in the south. In between the two lies Zanr'ak in the south-east and Red Labyrinth in the south-west (directly south pre-Calamity). To the west-south-west lies the Burnt Lizard Creek, to the east-south-east Zahar'ak, and in the north lies a way to Sandgate in eastern Thanalan.

Broken Water saw some changes in the Calamity, although relatively few compared to some other Thanalan areas. When before the Calamity the Nald's Reflection shrine lay in the area, it was either destroyed or the way closed off during it. The Little Ala Mhigo settlement also moved from eastern Thanalan to Broken Water, and took over the area previously known as Camp Broken Water. The Calamity also uncovered the Sunken Temple of Qarn in eastern Broken Water, as well as other less remarkable ruins in the general vicinity.


Nald's Reflection

Counterpart to Thal's Reflection in eastern Thanalan, Nald's Reflection is a shrine to the divine entity Nald, the part of the Traders who oversees all corporeal transactions and wealth. It was a popular destination for pilgrimages until the Calamity, when it was either destroyed or access to it was cut off.



Camp Personnel (1.x)
Gatewarden Caspar
Quartermaster Vanicie

Immortal Flames (1.x)
Jandonaut Fouillel

Merchants (1.x)


Levequests (1.x)
A Devilet's Best Friend
Dunesfolk for Dinner
Hiding Under the Beds
Necrologos: Ranine Reveries
Netting the Gnats
Operation: Warm Welcome
A Terrible Thirst
Thwack Ye Mole
Whipping the Curs


Mining Quarrying
Logging Harvesting
Vampire Plant
Fishing Spearfishing
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Ghost
Bone Crayfish
Velodyna Carp


Regular Monsters (1.x)
Amalj'aa Bowyer
Amalj'aa Divinator
Amalj'aa Drubber
Amalj'aa Lancer
Dwarf Diremite
Molting Miteling
Nightblade Assassin
Pus Gnat
Quartz Doblyn
Ravenous Billygoat

Behest Monsters
Bile Gnat
Blotched Mongrel
Cadaverous Cockatrice

Leve Monsters (1.x)
Amalj'aa Transfigurator
Amalj'aa Transfisticator
Amalj'aa Transfixer
Amalj'aa Trooper
Bile Gnat
Blotched Mongrel
Cadaverous Cockatrice
Darkeye Devilet
Fellbite Peiste
Hellsfire Hedgemole
Ill-tempered Pteroc
Sure-footed Billygoat

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