Brittlebark (ブリトルバーク [brittlebark] in Japanese) covers the southern portions of the Mor Dhona region on Aldenard. It's defined by Silvertear Lake to the north, Singing Shards (one of its sub-areas) to the north-east, and Castrum Novum and Fogfens to the north-west. The north-west passage has been inpassable since the construction of Castrum Novum, if a traveler wants to reach the area north of the Lake, the Revenant's Toll, they must go through the north-eastern route. Fogfens is on a much lower elevation, you can look down on it from the cliffs between Brittlebark and Fogfens. To the south-west of the area lie the Silvertear Falls.
Also present in the area is the Jagged Crest Cave, a small cave by Castrum Novum that functions as a base of operations to the Grand Companies in their keeping an eye on the imperials. As the aetherial gate in the cave connects to the aetheryte in Camp Brittlebark (in the south-east), there is no need to supply the men stationed there by an over-land route.

The closest permanent habitation to Brittlebark lies to the south in the region of Thanalan. However, it appears that camp Brittlebark may be manned by Ishgardians.

While in the present day not much grows in Brittlebark and it is full of monsters, in the past the area may have been more important. Beneath the ground in a cave filled with crystals is built the Tomb of Xande.
During the final stages of the fall of Dalamud in late autumn 1573, Brittlebark was stage to an offshoot battle of the main one in Carteneau Flats. The Allied forces in the area consisted mainly of adventurer units. Several days prior to the battle, the indigenous monsters of the area fled, most likely sensing the coming calamity, Brittlebark being extremely close to the ground 0 of the fall of Dalamud.


Tomb of Xande

The Tomb of Xande (ザンデ霊廟 [xande reibyou] or 'xande's mausoleum' in Japanese) is a mysterious place filled with crystal formations, beneath Brittlebark. It is said to be the tomb of Emperor Xande of the ancient Allagan Empire from several thousand years before. It is unknown how the name of the place has survived (or if not survived, then why is it called that) or how exactly one can enter the tomb itself as the inner part of the cave only has a crystal in the form of a stalagmite and supported by some metal. The far end of the cave has a deep fall, with the walls of the depression entirely made out of crystals.



Camp Personnel
Gatewarden Slafborn
Quartermaster Thomas




Regular Monsters
Evil Eye
Goblin Bouncer
Hunter Kalong
Imperial War Hound
Saltspray Pteroc
Toxic Toad
Truffle Hog
VIIth Legion Eques
VIIth Legion Hoplomachus
VIIth Legion Laquearius
VIIth Legion Medicus
VIIth Legion Sagittarius
VIIth Legion Secutor
VIIth Legion Signifer

Quest Monsters
Ala Mhigan Axeman
Ala Mhigan Bowman
Ala Mhigan Pikeman
Ala Mhigan Shaman
Imperial Juggernaut
Widargelt the Watcher

Notorious Monsters
Dodore's Minion

Atomos Event 2012
Deepvoid Scamp
Deepvoid Slave
Deepvoid Sludge
Deepvoid Soul
Deepvoid Warrior
Deepvoid Watcher

Fall of Dalamud
Imperial Centurion
Imperial Eques
Imperial Hoplomachus
Imperial Laquearius
Imperial Medicus
Imperial Sagittarius
Imperial Secutor
Imperial Signifer
Imperial War Hound
Magitek Vanguard H-1

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