Black Brush


Black Brush (ブラックブラッシュ [black brush] in Japanese) forms the majority of the central Thanalan region. Its exact bounds have changed a little bit over the years, most notably the border between it and Spineless Basin (which used to be called Cactus Basin) to the south-east has creeped northward quite considerably. The gates to the city of Ul'dah used to give out directly to Black Brush in version 1.x, but since 2.0 they are found within the bounds of Spineless Basin instead. The local Aetheryte camp has stayed exactly where it is, at the crossing of the Royal Allagan Sunway and Starway, although these days it also functions as a railway station to the new cargo trains owned by Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern. Other traffic uses the Allagan ways, Sunway east through the Clutch to Drybone and west to Hammerlea, Horizon's Edge and finally the Rhotano Sea, while Starway leads north to Bluefog. The Soot Creek runs through Black Brush as its much-needed source of water.

Being a central location in Thanalan right outside the city, Black Brush features a lot of habitation. Aside from the aetheryte camp slash railway station, the refugee settlement Lost Hope can be found to the north, a qiqirn encampment Rat's Net to the west, and an encampment for materia researchers known as the Bonfire. After the Calamity, the tavern Coffer & Coffin also relocated to the area. In the very northern tip are the Nanawa Mines. Since the Calamity, any traffic north to Bluefog must pass through the mines as the original road appears to have been destroyed. In place of the canyon that channeled the traffic in pre-Calamity times, there now stands an entrance to Cutter's Cry.


Black Brush Station

The Black Brush Station (ブラックブラッシュ停留所 [black brush teiryuujo] or 'black brush station' in Japanese) started its life as an aetheryte camp that offered its meager shelter for travelers. Its ideal location at the crossroads of the Royal Allagan Starway and Sunway saw many refugees drawn to it, safe from the strict laws of Ul'dah for anyone who could not pay their keep. After the Calamity, refugees seem to have moved out, as the outpost is now characterized by a waystation for the newly built railway.

The Bonfire

The Bonfire (狼煙の丘 [noroshi no oka] or 'smoke signal hill' in Japanese) is the encampment of the goblin alchemist Mutamix Bubblypots and his crew. He set up in the area in the year leading up to the Calamity due to strict anti-beastman laws within the city, and never left - quite the contrary, the encampment has grown and taken root.

Hellsbrood Holes

Hellsbrood Holes (ヘルズブルード洞穴 [hellsbrood douketsu] or 'hellsbrood caves' in Japanese) is a dry and arid corner of Black Brush where many antlions make their nests. Since the Calamity, the area now features an entrance to Cutter's Cry which was previously only accessible from Bluefog. It is unknown whether this is meant to be a geographical shift or a retcon.

The Lost Hope

Lost Hope (ロストホープ流民街 [lost hope rumingai] or 'lost hope refugee town' in Japanese) is a small village in a cave complex through which the Upper Soot Creek flows. It was established after the Calamity by refugees who had quite literally lost all hope of a better life. Many grow somnus flowers in the shelter of the caves, a flower that is well known to be the main ingredient of the forbidden somnus drug.

The Rat's Nest

The Rat's Nest (ネズミの巣 [nezumi no su] or 'rat's nest' in Japanese) is a qiqirn encampment on the west side of Black Brush. The qiqirn living here are largely bandits, and seem to be lead by Kokoroon Quickfingers. A loading station for the railway is located right to the south-west of the camp.

Royal Allagan Sunway & Starway

The two Allagan-era highways, the Royal Allagan Sunway (アラグ陽道 [allag youdou] or 'allag sunlight road' in Japanese) and the Royal Allagan Starway (アラグ星道 [allag seidou] or 'allag star road') intersect in the middle of Black Brush. The Sunway crosses the southern parts of Aldenard in an east-west direction, and the Starway crosses the continent in a north-south direction.

Sil'dih Excavation Site

A deep gorge in the ground rent open by the Calamity through which the Soot Creek flows. The newly exposed area is connected to the ancient Sil'dih aqueducts below the city of Ul'dah, and soon became known as the Sil'dih Excavation Site (シラディハ遺跡 [siladih iseki] or 'siladih ruins' in Japanese).


Note that the details of the Coffer & Coffin area is listed on its own page despite being officially part of the Black Brush area.


Black Brush Station (2.0+) Aetheryte Camp (1.x)
Stone Torch Aethelgyth
Brass Blade Osbert
Stone Torch Warin
Delivery Moogle
Independent Armorer
Merchant & Mender
Stone Torch
Gatewarden Ludovraint
Quartermaster Mimina
Black Brush Battlewarden
Brass Blade Blandhem
Brass Blade Chechedoba
Brass Blade Nomomo
Benedict (merchant)
Monh Mujuuk (merchant)
The Bonfire (2.0+) The Bonfire (1.x)
Mutamix Bubblypots
Nesting Heron
Mutamix Bubblypots
Lost Hope (2.0+)
Brass Blade Adalberga
Brass Blade Leofric
Other Areas (2.0+) Nanawa Mines Entrance (1.x)
Brass Blade Adalfuns
Quest/FATE NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Bruce the Big
Hamon Holyfist
Hildibrand Manderville
Pipin Tarupin
Solkzagyl Keltnaglsyn
Urianger Augurelt
Assaulted Miner
Brass Blade
Coffer & Coffin Heavy
Hungry Hobbledehoy
Injured Gladiator
Scrupulous Shopkeep
Terrified Refugee
Event NPCs (2.0+) Event NPCs (1.x)
Militia Outrider
Urianger Augurelt


Main Quests (2.0+) Main Quests (1.x)
Prudence at this Junction
Out of House and Home
Spriggan Cleaning
Way Down in the Hole
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Passing the Blade
Shock and Awe
Class Quests (2.0+) Class quests (1.x)
- A Piece of History
Parley on High Ground
Runaway Little Girl
She Walks in Beauty
Sleep, Cousin of Death
Side Quests (2.0+) Side Quests (1.x)
Alternative Medicine
Bloodied and Bowed
Forging the Spirit
Fringe Benefits
In the Court of the Rat King
Marvelously Mutable Materia
Melding Materia Muchly
Need Not Apply in Person
Sometimes the Old Ways Are Best
Waking the Spirit
Method in His Malice (zodiac weapons)
An Inconvenient Dodo
Forging the Spirit
Joining the Spirit
Quid Pro Quo
Sleepless in Eorzea
Waking the Spirit
Event Quests (2.0+) Event Quests (1.x)
Star Light, Star Bright (Starlight) -


Mining (2.0+) Quarrying (2.0+) Mining (1.x) Quarrying (1.x)
Lightning Shard
Soiled Femur
Tin Ore
Zinc Ore
Fine Sand
Lightning Shard
Rock Salt
Bone Chip
Copper Ore
Rock Salt
Logging (2.0+) Harvesting (2.0+) Logging (1.x) Harvesting (1.x)
Lightning Shard
- Cinderfoot Olive
Kukuru Bean
Cotton Boll
Garlean Garlic
Pearl Ginger
Wild Onion
Fishing (2.0+) Fishing (1.x) Spearfishing (1.x)
(see below) Brass Loach
Maiden Carp
Striped Goby
Dart Frog
Grass Viper
Muddy Water

Fishing Log: Upper Soot Creek
Level: 5, Type: Freshwater
Bone Crayfish
Brass Loach
Dark Bass
Dream Goby
Dusk Goby
Maiden Carp

Fishing Log: Lower Soot Creek
Level: 10, Type: Freshwater
Aegis Shrimp
Bone Crayfish
Brass Loach
Dark Bass
Dusk Goby
Maiden Carp
Slime King


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Amalj'aa Impaler
Amalj'aa Striker
Antling Sentry
Antling Worker
Hammer Beak
Qiqirn Shellsweeper
Spriggan Graverobber
Syrphid Cloud
Bumble Beetle
Copper Coblyn
Corroded Coblyn
Errant Soul
Moiling Mole
Nutgrabber Marmot
Snapping Shrew
Spriggan Collector
Star Marmot
Stuffed Dodo
Leve Monsters (2.0+) Leve Monsters (1.x)
Bark Weevil
Corroded Coblyn
Midge Cloud
Naked Mole
Nutbiter Marmot
FATE Monsters (2.0+) Behest Monsters (1.x)
Antling Sentry
Babaroon Halfshell
Cochineal Cactuar
Nest Commander
Qiqirn Shellsweeper
Sledgehammer Beak
Bark Weevil
Naked Mole
Nutbiter Marmot
Sand Yarzon
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Chastity of the Alacran
Clay Golem
Fire Silver Coblyn
Patience of the Alacran
Runagate Imp
Sil'dih Spriggan
Silver Coblyn
Spriggan Chumbler
Spriggan Flametender
Untamed Shrew
Jenlyns Straightblade
Sultansworn Elite
Unsavory Character
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
Sabotender Bailarina
Event Monsters (2.0+) Event Monsters (1.x)
- Elite Bestiarius
Elite Funditor
Elite Speculator
Elite Triarius
Imperial Pilus Prior

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