Bentbranch (ベントブランチ [bentbranch] in Japanese) is the central location of the central Shroud. The area is separated from the city of Gridania to the north by the lake Jadeite Flood, and from Jadeite Thick to the north-east by the waters of the river Vein. To the south-east is the lake Mirror, and to the south is Tranquil Paths - or more specifically, Upper Paths. Bentbranch is also where the Furline (leading north) becomes the Lumberline (leading south), the two of which are the major Gridanian trade routes. The Furline was badly disrupted in the Calamity, and a more natural post-Calamity access point to the north is now in Treespeak. The local aetheryte camp (in the present day called Bentbranch Meadows) is situated right off the Lumberline a little ways south of the city. There is also an access point to the Tam-Tara Deepcroft in the south of Bentbranch, some way west of the Mirror.

Bentbranch saw very extensive destruction and retcons in the switch from version 1.x to version 2.0. It used to be connected to Emerald Moss to the north and west before the area's destruction in the Calamity. At the same time the north-western reaches of Bentbranch itself were destroyed, and renamed Standing Corses, although it now stands separate from Bentbranch proper as the Calamity rent a huge cliff into the middle of central Shroud, and Sorrel Haven that used to cover only areas to the south and west of Bentbranch now expanded to cover all of the immediate ground until the city of Gridania itself. In the same event, the Everschade that used to be considered part of Humblehearth (located on the inner 'bend' of Bentbranch) now due to the new cliff face in the middle, naturally came to be considered part of Bentbranch itself. Humbleheart may actually be there still, on top of the cliffs to the north-east and east of Everschade, but it is inaccessible to players.
To the north-east and east of the original Bentbranch, the area's connection to Nine Ivies was retconned out, as the areas of Jadeite Thick and Greentear were carved out of the Bentbranch proper. Five Hangs that used to be accessed right from the shores of the Mirror in the south-east of Bentbranch became inaccessible in the Calamity.


Bentbranch Meadows

Bentbranch Meadows (ベントブランチ牧場 [betbranch bokujou] or bentbranch ranch' in Japanese) is a settlement that sprung up around Moogle's Gift Mounts soon after it was established some time after the Calamity. The stables are actually built on the site of the old Camp Bentbranch.


The Everschade (エバーシェイド [evershade] in Japanese) is a small valley in which the Guardian Tree (長老の木 [chourou no ki] or 'elder tree'1 in Japanese) grows. It was originally part of Sorrel Haven, but the cliff that rose in the middle of central Shroud separated it from the rest of the Haven and it is now considered to be in Bentbranch. Despite the change in elevation from the rest of Sorrel Haven, the streams that the Haven were known for still flow throughout Everschade.
The Guardian Tree is home to one of the elder elementals, and bears fruit that is highly sought after all throughout Eorzea2.


The Hedgetree (境樹 [kyouju] or 'border tree' in Japanese) is one of the trees that bears the incantations of the Hedge that protects the Black Shroud from outside invaders.

Galvanth's Spire

Galvanth's Spire (ガルヴァンス監視哨 [galvanth kanshishou] or 'galvanth observation post' in Japanese) is a watchtower built next to the Lumberline where a path branches off from it to lead to the Tam-Tara Deepcroft. The general area is surrounded with Gelmorran ruins, and quite appropriately the tower was named after the Gelmorran ruler Galvanth the Dominator.

Lifemend Stump

This location used to present in the north-west of Bentbranch in version 1.x. However, the north-west of Bentbranch was destroyed in the Calamity, and Lifemend Stump was retconned to the north-east of the old Bentbranch area, into an area that was retconned into Greentear.


The Lilystone (睡蓮岩 [suiren iwa] or 'water lily rock' in Japanese) is a small cliff on an equally small isle on the Mirror. It is accessed through a series of bridges connecting rocks together until the Lilystone isle. The name comes from how the water surrounding the isle is filled with various water flora.

The Matron's Lethe

The Matron's Lethe (地神の忘却 [chishin no boukyaku] or 'earth god's forgetfulness' in Japanese) is the root of a great heavenspillar that runs down the great cliff face that now separates Bentbranch from Sorrel Haven. Gridanians were of the mind that it rather looks like Nophica the Matron forgot it was there, being precariously located where it is. The root is wide enough for people and chocobos to pass, and as such the Lethe came to be used as part of the road.

The Mirror Planks

The Mirror Planks (鏡池桟橋 [kagami ise sanbashi] or 'mirror pond pier' in Japanese) is a small dock area on the western shore of the Mirror. It was originally built and maintained by fishermen and some local woodcutters. The new ferry connection added a lot of traffic, as it takes people across the Mirror to Lavender Beds and back.



Bentbranch Meadows (2.0+) Aetheryte Camp (1.x)
Wood Wailer Aube
Quartermaster Audrie
Wood Wailer Bernard
Wood Wailer Ewmond
Wood Wailer Eylgar
Wood Wailer Giah Molkoh
Levemete Tierney
Merchant & Mender
Wood Wailer Sentry
Gatewarden Manine
Quartermaster Ayled
Wood Wailer Jajajbygo
Wood Wailer Pepeli
Gerraldieux (merchant)
Mirror Planks (2.0+)
Wood Wailer Daranmert
Ferry Skipper
Merchant & Mender
Other NPCs (2.0+) Other NPCs (1.x)
Wood Wailer Finnea
Wood Wailer Huquemont
Wood Wailer Lothaire
Wood Wailer Osha Jaab
Wood Wailer Roseline
Wood Wailer Theodore
Wood Wailer Sentry
Quest/FATE NPCs (2.0+) Quest NPCs (1.x)
Eschiva Keyes
Little Leia
Wood Wailer Lance
Event NPCs (2.0+) Event NPCs (1.x)
Adventurers' Guild Investigator
Golden Uma Doshin
Imposing Imp
Pumpkin-headed Apparition
Traveling Trader
Unfamiliar Illusionist
Unusual Imp
Militia Outrider


Main Quests (2.0+)
Feeding Time
You Shall not Trespass
Don't Look Down
In the Grim Darkness of the Forest
Threat Level Elevated
Ruffled Feathers
Migrant Marauders
Skeletons in My Deepcroft
A Hearer is Often Late
Lights Out
Salvaging the Scene
Leia's Legacy
Dread is in the Air

Job Quests (2.0+)
Taint Misbehaving

Side Quests (2.0+)
Extending Fences
Favor for the Fisherwoman
If Ye Break Faith
Look, but Won't Touch
Not a Material Girl
Sting in a Bottle
Slimy Hollows
Walking the Planks
Simply the Hest (guildhests)
So You Think You Can Ride This Chocobo (chocobo racing)
Bird in Hand (chocobo raising)
Where the Heart Is (Lavender Beds) (housing aethernet)

Battlecraft Leves (2.0+) Battlecraft Leves (1.x)
Bump in the Night
Going Green
Hog Wild
Infestation Cessation
Mite and Madness
Scent of a Roselet
A Shroom with a View
Too Close to Home
Turning Out the Blight
Wail of a Tale
Bees vs the Pilgrims
Clearing the Forest
Crushing Chiglets
Light for the Rites
Moles vs the Pilgrims
An Old-fashioned Exorcism
Reforesting Bentbranch
Spore Spoor
Spores for the Ceremony
Tradecraft Leves (2.0+) Tradecraft Leves (1.x)
Life's a Stitch
Only the Best
Raise the Roof
Saddle Sore
Say it with Spears
Simply the Best
Bowing to Pressure
Clearing Bentbranch
Dusting the Knuckles
Keeping it Green
A Little Rusty
A Mother's Booties
A Mother's Carpentry
A Mother's Cutlery
A Mother's Delicacies
A Mother's Foundry
A Mother's Frippery
A Mother's Jewelry
A Mother's Muselix
On a Full Belly
Spoiled Sheets
To Dig a Drymoat
Training in Bentbranch
Work of Friction
Fieldcraft Leves (2.0+) Fieldcraft Leves (1.x)
A Chest of Nuts
Digging Deep
The Heart of the Hedge
West Bank Story
Bones for the Eye
Elm Waterwheels
Fishing Bentbranch
Honey Tea for Two
Logging Bentbranch
Mining Bentbranch
Salmon for the Masses
Searching for Crayfish
Stones of Flint

FATEs (2.0+)
Bleeding Green
Lethe on My Mind
Love is in the Air
Sleep Tight
The Sting
There's Something About Lou


Mining (2.0+) Quarrying (2.0+) Mining (1.x) Quarrying (1.x)
- - Minium
Tin Ore
White Dye
Logging (2.0+) Harvesting (2.0+) Logging (1.x) Harvesting (1.x)
Elm Log (lv15)
Gridanian Chestnut
Wind Shard
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter (lv30)
Green Pigment
Wind Crystal
Cypress Log (lv50+)
Buffalo Beans (lv15)
Cotton Boll
Lavender Seeds
Tree Toad
Windlight Seeds
Wind Shard
Maple Branch
Maple Log
Maple Sap
Tinolqa Mistletoe
Green Dye
Lowland Grapes
Moko Grass
Fishing (2.0+) Fishing (1.x) Spearfishing (1.x)
(see below) Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Brass Loach
Dart Frog
Rainbow Trout
Tree Toad
Purple Dye
Allagan Snail
Grass Viper

Fishing: The Vein
Level: 5, Type: Freshwater
Brass Loach
Eunuch Crayfish
Maiden Carp
Striped Goby

Fishing: The Mirror
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Bone Crayfish
Brass Loach
Ghost Carp
Maiden Carp
Moat Carp
Tri-colored Carp

Fishing: Everschade
Level: 30, Type: Freshwater
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Mitten Crab
Monke Onke
Spotted Pleco


Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Arbor Buzzard
Hornet Swarm
Magicked Bones
Qiqirn Egglifter
Qiqirn Scrambler
Tree Slug
Cave Bat
Errant Spirit
Forest Funguar
Honeybee Swarm
Sabletooth Spriggan
Spriggan Collector
Star Marmot
Leve Monsters (2.0+) Leve Monsters (1.x)
- Bee Cloud
Bloodthirsty Wolf
Evenfall Firefly
Naked Mole
Nutbiter Marmot
Stumbling Funguar
FATE Monsters (2.0+) Behest Monsters (1.x)
Arbor Buzzard
Hornet Swarm
Lou Carcolh
Magicked Bones
Zombie Mage
Zombie Pikeman
Coming soon
Quest Monsters (2.0+) Quest Monsters (1.x)
Ancient Oak
Glowering Glowfly
Saprophagous Slug
Shroud Hare
Syrphid Cloud
Tainted Earth Sprite
Tainted Water Sprite
Water Sprite
Rank B+ Hunts (2.0+) Notorious Monsters (1.x)
White Joker

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