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Baron (バロン王国 [baron oukoku] or 'Kingdom of Baron' in Japanese) is the kingdom and city that serves as the main location in Final Fantasy IV. They rely heavily on their military strength, and have an extensive army that is the strongest in the world. Baron is ruled by a king. The current ruler at the beginning of the game is only known as the King of Baron. Later on, Cecil Harvey succeeds him to the throne.

Baron is located in the central (and largest) continent with Damcyan to the north and Troia to north-west, with the Mist area located in the middle of the kingdom. It spans the area of 38,872 km²1, and has a population of 3,500 people. Its main industries are manufacturing and agriculture.
The castle and castle town of Baron lie to the east of the kingdom, at the shore of an inner sea. To the west lies a small desert (as well as a forest with chocobos), and to north the desert of Damcyan and to the south a mountain range. The only part of Baron that has fertile ground are the north-western parts and areas around the shores. The north-western plains area also has a river running through it. The river originates from a big lake at the northern reaches of the plains of Baron.

Baron currently has established diplomatic relations to Troia, Damcyan and Mysidia. They have also had contact with Fabul and Eblan, but these are not yet official, and in Eblan's case mere expeditions to the country.



Baron was established around 500 years ago2, and as such is the oldest of the current nations in the world. Like Eblan, Baron is unlike the other nations in that they did not form around the protection of a Crystal. Despite this, the kingdom developed the quickest of the nations, and through Baron's efforts most of the countries in the world have established diplomatic relations.

The first settlements in the area are from 800 years ago, when the fertile stretch of land at the site of the current city attracted people. Development was rapid and soon a basic city-state was formed. It was led by a parliament formed from the heads of the most influential families in the area.
The actual kingdom of Baron rose from bloody battles. Around 500 years ago arose a war now called the Three Days of Blood, after which a constitution for the kingdom was formed. The king's bloodline stems back from these days, as well as the formation of Baron's military, as the Watch Committee. 50 years later the Watch Committee was reformed as the Personal Guard, and King Baron I was born. It is unknown how Baron came to have a king for a ruler.

Around 300 years ago, the first merchant ships from Mysidia arrived to Baron. At this time, the fame of Baron as a strong military nation started spreading, so although nothing much is known about the developments in the kingdom, they must have come far from their origins.
Some time later from these events the Baron Dragoons was formed to supplement Baron's military might. The Highwind family was heavily involved in this. The family remained strong through hundreds of years, until the unfortunate deaths of the previous Lord Highwind and his wife, leaving Kain Highwind as the sole survivor of the main family.

As time passed, Baron saw the need of stronger ties with other nations in the formed. At around 150 years ago, they formed a treaty of security with Mysidia. Possibly to honor this, and mostly through the efforts of Mysidia's mages, an extra-dimensional tunnel was built between the two nations. It later became known as the Devil Road.

Several dozen years ago a young man called Cid Pollendina from Baron discovered an ancient tome in some equally ancient ruins. He took some time to decipher this time, but by the end of it he had re-discovered the art of flotation required to build airships. This discovery brought forth changes in the kingdom, among them a new elite military division called the Red Wings, and possibly led to later events detailed in the game Final Fantasy IV.


The military of Baron is formed from eight separate groups. The first and oldest of these groups is the Baron Personal Guard (近衛兵団 [konoe hei dan] or 'Personal Guard Corps' in Japanese), the personal guards of the king of Baron. One cannot be recruited to the Personal Guard other than through inheriting the position.

The Baron Dragoons (竜騎士団 [ryuu kishi dan] or 'Dragon Knight Corps' in Japanese) were the next group formed, and became the main strength of the army. They remained in this position until recent times, when the invention of airships made them largely obsolete. The Dragoons fight with Wyverns in battles, and as such were invincible in large parts of the world in times when most nation did not have the resources to do battle in air.
The Dragoons are led by a Commander (隊長 [taichou] in Japanese), and are heavily tied with the Highwind family. Their current Commander is Kain Highwind.

Third group of the Baron Military is the Dark Knight Division (暗黒騎士団 [ankoku kishi dan] or 'Dark Knight Group' in Japanese). This division includes only elite soldiers, superb at handling weapons. They must pass a test to master the dark force to join.
The Dark Knight Division is led by Captain Cecil Harvey, also Captain of the Red Wings.

The current most powerful group in the military is the Airship Division Red Wings (飛空艇団「赤き翼」 [hikuutei dan "akaki tsubasa"] or 'Airship Corps Red Wings' in Japanese). These are an elite fighting force formed only in recent years with the invention of airships.
At the start of the game the Red Wings are led by Lord Captain Cecil Harvey. However, he is soon ripped of his position and a new arrival called Golbez takes over. The Airship Division is supported by the Airship Mechanic division, led by Lead Mechanic Cid Pollendina.

In addition to these four elite divisions, the Baron military force includes four other divisions. The two traditional ones of the two are the Soldier Division and the Royal Marines (海兵団 [kaihei dan] or 'Marine Corps' in Japanese). These include recruited soldiers and form the greatest part of the military force of Baron.
The two newest divisions in the army in addition to the Airship Division are the Black Mage Division and the White Mage Division (黒魔導士団 [kuro madoushi dan] and 白魔導士団 [shiro madoushi dan], or the 'Black Mage Corps' and 'White Mage Corps' in Japanese). Traditionally, magic hasn't been highly regarded in Baron. However, with the inauguration of the current king these two divisions were formed to support the rest of the army.

Present Day


Right before the game, the King of Baron was killed and replaced by Cagnazzo. This counterfeit ruler ordered the invasion of Mysidia to gain control of the Water Crystal. When Lord Captain Cecil Harvey, the king's adopted son, dared to oppose this, he was stripped of his position and sent, albeit unknowingly, to destroy the town of Mist.
After this, Golbez took over as a captain of the Red Wings, and the invasion of Damcyan was ordered. The city of Damcyan was completely destroyed and the Fire Crystal taken. Likewise, the Wind Crystal of Fabul was soon forcibly taken to Baron.

However, at that point a group of heroes led by Cecil Harvey, the ex-Dark Knight, infiltrated the castle and managed to defeat the fake ruler. From that point on, Baron no longer attacked other countries, but was leaderless and in confusion.

When the root of evil was defeated, Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrel, a lady of an old noble family, returned to the kingdom and became its next ruling couple. They later had a son, the Prince Ceodore, so Baron's rulership is secured for the next generation.
Some 15 years after the birth of Prince Ceodore, castle Baron was taken over by a Maenad. The girl had King Cecil and all resident soldiers under mind control for a while, and prevented anyone from entering the castle grounds. However, the situation was soon put under control and peace returned to Baron.


Castle Baron

The Castle Baron is located roughly to the north from the town, on the eastern shores of Baron.
It bears noting that while on the overworld map the castle isn't really very close to the sea or any river, all known illustrations of it have it on the edge of water, most likely a large river. Some illustrations also show considerable differences in elevation close to the castle. All of said illustrations fail to include the town right nearby the castle.
See more about the area on its own page.

Baron Town

The town of Baron is located close to the eastern sea, at the edge of the fertile plains to the north. It's a traditional walled town with heavily built houses for the protection of their residents, not a very easy place by far to try to take over by force. Nevertheless, the city has a small river running through it, and has some forested areas to the north. Famous residents include Cid Pollendina, whose house is located on the elevated norther reaches of the north, right before the tree line. Around the center of the town also live the famous old noble family or Farrel.

In the middle of the town is a magic research facility combined with the entrance to the Devil's Road. While the Road is behind locks regularly due to the danger journeying through it can cause, it leads to Mysidia when entered.

Old Waterways

The Old Waterways connect the edges of the town and the back of the castle. They appear mostly cave-like but have some traces of human hand closer to the castle. It is unknown when the waterways were in use, if ever. See more about the area on its own page.

Mist Area

While the area of Mist is technically under the reign of the kingdom, it is in a very isolated area deep in the mountains and seems largely a separate culture. It is connected to the northern plains of Baron through the Mist Cave, and is home to the Summoners. See more about the area on its own page.



In FF4

The town of Baron naturally features shopping opportunities. The inn is regularly accessible right from the start of the game, but the weapon and armor shops require a key, obtained by playing through the story, and while half of the item shop is open from the start, the remaining half is only opened after the second visit.

Note that the below particulars and prices correspond with the DS version, some variation might occur between versions.



50 gil / night

Item Shop (1)
Potion - 30 gil
Phoenix Down - 100 gil
Gold Needle - 80 gil
Eye Drops - 30 gil
Antidote - 40 gil
Tent - 100 gil
Bestiary - 50 gil

Item Shop (2)
Hi-Potion - 150 gil
Echo Herbs - 50 gil
Maiden's Kiss - 60 gil
Gnomish Bread - 100 gil
Red Fang - 5,500 gil
White Fang - 5,500 gil
Blue Fang - 5,500 gil

Armor Shop
Headband - 450 gil
Kenpogi - 4,000 gil
Silver Armlet - 650 gil

Weapon Shop
Thunder Rod - 700 gil
Healing Staff - 480 gil
Flame Claws - 350 gil
Ice Claws - 450 gil
Lightning Claws - 550 gil


In FF4

Baron Area
Sword Rat, Floating Eye x2
Floating Eye x3
Helldiver x4
Sword Rat, Goblin x3
Goblin x4

Baron Town
Boss: Baron Guardsman x2
Boss: Yang Fang Leiden


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