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The Balamb Garden (バラムガーデン [balamb garden] in Japanese) is one of the Gardens in Final Fantasy VIII, and the main location for most of the game. It is located on the small island-continent of Balamb, on the Alkrad Plains at the foot of the northern Guargu mountain range. The closest feature to it besides the mountains is the Fire Cavern, where SeeD will go train in. The city of Balamb itself lies to the east of the Garden, reachable easily by car. It takes quite a few hours to walk from the town to the Garden.
It bears noting that the above description is for before the Garden became movable, it could land just about anywhere in the world after that.


Balamb Garden was built on top of an ancient Centra shelter. When Centra was destroyed, its inhabitants built movable shelters that they used to travel to a new place to build a home at. This particular shelter landed at Balamb where the people spread out from, and was finally claimed by Cid Kramer 12 years ago from the start of the game to build the first of his Gardens in. It's due to being built on top of the movable shelter that the Garden can move, by activating the ancient shelter mechanisms below the Garden. It appears that in the course of reconstruction for the Garden any possible navigation mechanisms still in place were broken or removed, and when the movement mechanism was reactivated the Garden was uncontrollable for a while before new ones were built.


In the duration of the game's story, Balamb Garden is a major location. It is where Squall Leonhart and the other SeeDs featured in the story come from. The Garden is hired to assist the Dollet army at the start of the game, and that is where Squall has his first official mission. After being promoted to full SeeD, he is then hired by a certain Rinoa Heartilly to join her anti-Galbadia resistance. Not much is known about the specifics of what happens at the Garden while he and his companions are gone, but life is presumed to have continued in at least a semi-normal way. At some point the Garden receives a request for a join operation from the Galbadia Garden, and sends Squall and his companions on that mission.

In the end, Balamb Garden becomes a target of Galbadia's military actions. However, a squad of Balamb SeeDs led by Selphie Tilmitt infiltrates the Galbadian missile facility while another squad led by Squall heads to the Garden itself to evacuate the location. The situation at the Garden has escalated enough that the Garden Master Norg is trying to take over the everyday controls. Squall and companions defeat the Garden Master and activate the ancient shelter's defense mechanisms. Due to the combined efforts of the two squads the Garden is saved, and is now mobile. However, lacking controls the Garden floats on forward until it reaches the Fisherman's Horizon, where new controls are built. The sea-city becomes the Garden's base of operations in a way, being the only known location at the time that has the technological prowess and friendly enough relations that they would fix anything wrong with the mechanisms.
Now mobile, the Garden is used to find the elusive White SeeD and finally an abandoned orphanage at the Cape of Good Hope in Centra. While there, it is attacked by the Galbadia Garden, likewise mobile at this point. Balamb Garden survives, and returns to FH.


1st Floor


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Training Centre
Boss: Granaldo
Boss: Raldo

Norg's Takeover
Bite Bug
Blood Soul
Glacial Eye
Boss: Granaldo
Boss: Oilboyle

Battle with Galbadia
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