Archylte Steppe


Archylte Steppe (アルカキルティ大平原 [archacylte taiheigen] or 'archacylte plains' in Japanese) is a huge wide-open steppe area covering most of Gran Pulse's middle parts. Two separate locations on the steppe are known. The first is presented in Final Fantasy XIII. This part is connected through Vallis Media to the Yaschas Massif mountain group in the south. In the mountainous north-western parts of the area one can find the Sulyya Springs. While the Springs is largely unaccessible from the central expanse otherwise, one can go underground instead and use the Mah'habara Subterrane. To the north-east of the same area lie the Faultwarrens.
The second area of Archylte Steppe is present in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The relation of these two areas isn't known, but considering the FF13 area is lined by mountains on all sides but the west, it can be speculated that the 13-2 area lies in that direction.


Both maps of Archylte are divided further into several sub-areas. On the FF13 map when approaching from the south and going counter-clockwise, one can find the areas of Southern Funnelway, the Central Expanse, Eastern Tors, Aggra's Trough, Aggra's Pasture, Haerii Oldroad, Haerii Archaeopolis, Way of the Ancients, Northern Highplain, Northern Antrepass, Western Benchland, Arid Strath and the Font of Namva. These in Japanese are called 南の隘路 [minami no airo] or 'southern bottleneck', 中央原野 [chuuou genya] or 'central fields', 東部丘陵 [toubu kyuuryou] or 'eastern hill', アグラ谷 [aggra tani] or 'aggra valley', アグラ牧野 [aggra bokuya] or 'aggra pasture', ハリ旧道 [haerii kyuudou] or 'haerii oldroad', 廃都ハリ [haito haerii] or 'abandoned capital haerii', 廃都の間道 [haito no kandou] or 'side road of the abandoned capital', 北部高原 [hokubu kougen] or 'northern plateau', 北の隧道 [kita no suidou] or 'nothern tunnel', 西部段丘 [seibu dankyuu] or 'western terrace', 枯れ谷 [kare tani] or 'dry valley' and ナムヴァの泉 [namva no izumi] or 'spring of namva'.
On the FF13-2 map can be found (again, counter-clockwise from the south) the Nomad Camp, Plains of Eternity, Stonestump Wastelands, Clearwater Marshes, Grave Ridge and Sanctorium.



Around 0 AF there are no known surviving civilizations on the Steppe or close to it. However, on the north-western parts on the way to Faultwarrens one can find the Haerii Archaeopolis, the remains of an ancient city. Likewise, far to the south in Yaschas there's Paddra, and to the north beyond Sulyya, Oerba. In addition, Vallis Media is full of remnants of a civilization, and likely most other places around the Steppe as well although these are not specifically mentioned.

The time 13-2's visit to the Steppe is unknown, but at that time one can find a nomad camp there. There appears to be no other humans around, and while the nomad hunters live simply, they are in a possession of a weather control device. All in all, none of them give any hint as to the time period. The only thing that can be said for sure is that Cocoon isn't visible in the skies.

Final Fantasy XIII

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Aggra's Pasture: Gloomstalk x6, Platinum Bangle
Central Expanse: Lightning Charm, Rod of Thorns, Scarletite, Wind Charm, Zephyr Ring
Eastern Tors: Cactuar Doll, Clay Ring, Diabolic Tail x7, Earth Charm, Speed Sash
Font of Namva: Seapetal Scale x6, Water Charm
Haerii Archaeopolis: Collector Catalog, Fractured Horn x9, Witch's Bracelet
Northern Highplain: Gold Nugget (3 locations), Monstrous Fang x11, Platinum Bangle x2
Western Benchland: Fire Charm, Ice Charm, Librascope x5 , Millerite, Severed Wing x5, Smooth Hide x8, 2,615 gil

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Clearwater Marshes: Guardian's Edge (throw), Gysahl Greens x3 (hunt), Nanochu (improved throw), Unicorn Horn (hunt), Wild Artefact (throw), 700 gil
Grave Ridge: Mana Bolt x8, Mana Chip x8 (throw), Phoenix Down (hunt), Single Horn (hunt), Vitality Sliver x8 (hunt)
Nomad Camp: Grimoire Hat, Mana Droplet x8, 600 gil
Plains of Eternity: Chichu (improved throw), Fractured Horn x2, Potion x3, Remedy x2
Sanctorium: Power Sliver x8 (throw)
Stonestump Wastelands: Vitality Droplet x6

Changing Weather


The nomad hunters who live in the Nomad Camp on the southern edge of Archylte have a quite advanced device in their possession. This device is capable of changing the local weather. The machine features two levers, and with the combined positions of the two levers one can set the weather into one of the four possibilities - clear, wind, rain or storm. The combinations and their resulting weathers are listed below. Both levers start in the up position when you first arrive.

Weather Left Lever Right Lever
Clear down down
Rain up down
Thunder down up
Wind up up

You can access the weather changing device after following the first two quests of the Nomad Camp, the goblin hunt one and the "Gather three types of wool" one. It is used in the story as part of the hunt for Faeryl. To be able to fight Faeryl, first change weather to clear. At this point both Faeryl and Long Gui will appear. Now change weather to thunder, and the Long Gui will disappear, giving you access to the dragon and the fragment he hides.

Stone Tablets


Archylte Steppe has one Time Gate, located on the Grave Ridge. It requires a Wild Artefact to open. However, before you can do that you must open the seal placed on it. This happens by finding the stone tablets scattered about the steppe. Note that they cannot be found until you defeat Faeryl during the story's progression.

The stone tablets appear physically as green cactuar statues. Each of them is out of phase, so you must use Moogle Hunt to reveal them. The first is in Stonestump Wastelands among tall cacti during windy weather. Second is in the middle of Clearwater Marshes during rainy weather, and the last is located on the edge between Clearwater Marshes and Stonestump Wastelands during clear weather.
Once you reveal a statue, you can examine it. This releases a Gigantuar fight close by - note that you don't have to do it immediately, the Gigantuar will stay as a random fight in the vicinity of the statue should you decide to avoid it instead. Defeating all three Gigantuars will open the seal on the gate, so be sure to have that Wild Artefact ready.


In FF13

Note that below, the area categories list what kind of monster formations you can encounter in the various areas. The All category lists each monster that appears in the various areas of Archylte Steppe.

Behemoth King
Dire Flan
Goblin Chieftain
Long Gui
Shaolong Gui

Aggra's Pasture
Ochu + Microchu x5
Triffid x1-3

Arid Strath
Dire Flan x1-2

Central Expanse
Behemoth King
Behemoth King + Gorgonopsid x3
Dire Flan + Flan x2
Flan x2-4
Goblin x3
Gorgonopsid x1-4
Gorgonopsid x2 + Goblin x2
Long Gui
Navidon + Gorgonopsid x2
Rangda x4
Shaolong Gui

Eastern Tors
Adamantortoise + Gorgonopsid x2
Long Gui
Megistotherian + Gorgonopsid x3
Navidon x1-2
Navidon x1-2 + Rangda x3
Shaolong Gui

Font of Namva
Orobon + Sahagin x3
Sahagin x2-3
Sahagin x5

Haerii Archaeopolis
Goblin x4
Goblin Chieftain + Goblin x3
Pijavica x1-2
Seeker x4
Strigoi x3
Strigoi + Seeker x3
Strigoi + Pijavica x2

Haerii Oldroad
Goblin x4

Northern Highplain
Behemoth King x1-2
Behemoth King + Gorgonopsid x4
Behemoth King + Megistotherian
Gorgonopsid x4
Megistotherian + Gorgonopsid x4

Western Benchlands
Goblin x4
Gorgonopsid x4
Megistotherian + Gorgonopsid x3
Rangda x3
Rangda + Leyak x4
Rangda x2 + Leyak
Rangda x3 + Leyak x2

In FF13-2

Note that below, the area categories list what kind of monster formations you can encounter in the various areas. The All category lists each monster that appears in the various areas of Archylte Steppe.

Barbed Specter (wind)
Blue Chocobo (clear, rain, wind)
Buccaboo (clear, rain, wind)
Buccaboo Ace (clear, rain, wind)
Cactuar (clear)
Cactuaroni (rain)
Caterchipillar (rain)
Chelicerata (clear, rain)
Chocobo (clear, rain, wind)
Chonchon (thunder)
Clione (clear, wind)
Cloudburst (wind)
Debris (rain, wind)
Flanbanero (clear)
Flangonzola (clear)
Flowering Cactuar (clear)
Fomoire (thunder)
Gancanagh (clear, rain, wind)
Gancanagh Ace (clear, rain, wind)
Ghast (thunder)
Goblin (clear, rain, wind)
Goblin Chieftain (clear, rain, wind)
Hedge Frog (clear, rain, wind)
Ispusteke (thunder)
Major Moblin (clear, rain, wind)
Malebranche (thunder)
Metal Gigantuar (clear, rain, wind)
Mewmao (rain)
Microchu (clear, rain, wind)
Miniflan (clear)
Moblin (clear, rain, wind)
Mudfrog (rain)
Navidon (rain)
Pulsework Gladiator (wind)
Reaver (clear)
Red Chocobo (clear, rain, wind)
Samovira (wind)
Scutari (clear, rain, wind)
Seeker (thunder)
Silver Lobo (clear, rain, wind)
Swampmonk (rain)
Testudo (wind)
Triffid (clear)
Vampire (thunder)
Varcolaci (thunder)
Vodianoi (wind)
Vouivre (rain, wind)
Wladislaus (thunder)
+Immortal (trigger with wind)
+Long Gui (trigger with clear)
+Ochu (trigger with rain)
+Yomi (trigger with thunder)

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