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Amostra (アモステラ [amostera] in Japanese) in Final Fantasy Explorers is a new island born recently of activity in the earth's crust. It is the entire stage where the game takes place, and the only thing known about the island is that it's located somewhere between the Gartian Empire and Lillium Kingdom, making it a heavily contested location. Shortly after its birth, the many surrounding countries and other major forces sent manpower to explore the island, and due to the presence of a Grand Crystal on the island, it attracted many Explorers as well.

In short order, the competing forces together with the Explorers' Union founded the town of Libertas on the southern tip, offering everyone a base camp to live in in relative safety, as well as allowing a small but robust concentration of basic services such as shops and airship service to cover the needs of those exploring the island.


Being a very new place, Amostra isn't very well divided up into sections as of yet, it is barely explored enough to have location names. It is known that the people exploring the island refer vaguely to 'north side' and 'south side' and such, but it isn't known exactly what locations they consider to be in each section. An approximation has been included in the full location list, although there is no guarantee that these are the divisions the people themselves use.

For the duration of the story, the locations reachable via the airship service expand as more and more of them are secured enough to make a landing. Below is the full list of airship-reachable locations by the end of the game. Note that these are one-way trips only, you cannot board an airship from anywhere else but Libertas.

Airship Destinations
Leggi Steppe
Hibat Foothills
Hibat Caverns
Tinze Shores
Lake Filouz
Debbis Heights
Arha Marsh
Maxon Ravine
Mirah Dunes
Porjio Cavern


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