Ala Mhigo

Ala Mhigo (アラミゴ [ala mhigo] in Japanese) used to be one of the city-states of Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. In the current days it has been under Garlean occupation for 20 years (since around 1566). Not much is known about the current state of the city, except that a great wall has been built around it, Garlemald having used the citizens as slave labor to achieve this. No citizen is free, the only way out for them seems to be to join the Garlean armies.

Ala Mhigo was once known to be the strongest (military-wise) city-state in Eorzea. Ala Mhigan spearmen were famed for their skill. From the area also originate the Fists of Rhalgr, where the adventuring job Monk originates in.
The city-state is also known to have had many wars with Gridania. In particular is known the Autumn War of 1468.

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