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Agelyss Wise (アジェレス旧街道 [ageles kyuukaidou] or 'old agehles highroad' in Japanese) is an area in eastern La Noscea. Before the Calamity, it was simply a lowlands area north of Bloodshore, there was nothing particularly remarkable about it. During the Calamity, however, a particularly large fragment of Dalamud struck it, and it was soon after that the Garleans built the Castrum Occidens there, using much of the available space for the Castrum and blocking off the northernmost parts of the area. The Agelyss River formed by the Calamity runs directly south of Agelyss Wise, separating it from Bloodshore.

Agelyss Wise's Japanese name comes from the ancient remains of a road in the area. Some scholars have speculated1 that the road in question was already old by the time of Allag in the Third Astral Era, but this is simply speculation. Nevertheless, the road's age and origin are unknown. In fact, it is unknown if the building of Castrum Occidens obliterated whatever ruins there were left.



Regular Monsters (2.0+) Regular Monsters (1.x)
Grass Raptor Clipper
Emerald Salamander

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