Agelyss River


Agelyss River (アジェレス川 [agelyss gawa] or 'agelyss river' in Japanese) is a new river in Vylbrand formed during the Calamity. It has its source somewhere in 'the direction of Agelyss Wise1', when seen from Summerford, where it puts out to the Galadion Bay. This indicates that it flows through all or at least most of central La Noscea to get there. However, note that there is also another branch of the same river that flows through Raincatcher Gully (Red Mantis Falls being a part of it) and Bloodshore (where it forms the Hidden Falls) to put out at the Strait of Merlthor. That branch flows in a west-east direction instead of in a east-west direction that the Summerford branch does.

There must be two major branches of this river, and while it's possible that its headwaters lie somewhere in the Agelyss Wise, it must take quite a circular route to get to the eastern edge of Raincatcher Gully from Agelyss Wise. It is quite possible that these two branches start as one river in the Agelyss Wise, which then flows inland in a west-south-west direction, and then branches into the east-flowing Bloodshore branch and the west-flowing Summerford branch. Another possibility is that they branch right at the source, which would then have to be located somewhere west of Raincatcher Gully and north-east of Summerford.



Summerford (West) Branch

Fishing: West Agelyss River
Level: 1, Type: Freshwater
Dwarf Catfish
Great Gudgeon
La Noscean Perch
Princess Trout

Bloodshore (East) Branch

Fishing: Red Mantis Falls
Level: 45, Type: Freshwater
Agelyss Carp
Clown Loach
Imperial Goldfish
Jungle Catfish
Mitten Crab
Timeworn Goatskin Map

Fishing: East Agelyss River
Level: 40, Type: Freshwater
Agelyss Carp
The Drowned Sniper
Loyal Pleco
Mitten Crab
Monke Onke

Fishing: Hidden Falls
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Crimson Crayfish
Dark Sleeper
Kobold Puffer
Mitten Crab
The Salter
Spotted Puffer

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