Abandoned Mines


The Abandoned Mines can be found beneath the city of LeĆ” Monde in Vagrant Story. They're connected to the town center (west and south), the city walls (west) and the Undercity (west).

It is unknown what kind of ore was produced here when the mines were still in operation. Note that while there are two levels in the mines, they are not connect to each other.


Mines B1

The higher levels of the mines, closer to the surface.

Dreamer's Entrance
The Crossing
Miners' Resting Hall
Conflict and Accord
The End of the Line
The Earthquake's Mark
+eruption trap near the door
Coal Mine Storage
+poison trap in front of the chest. Deactivate it by walking on the ledge behind the chest fist
The Suicide King
The Battle's Beginning
What Lies Ahead?
The Fruits of Friendship
+ride the Cloudstone over. Push the box on top of the other north and then east, next to the wall. Climb up to continue
The Earthquake's Mark
The Passion of Lovers
+15 second time limit, run straight ahead to make it
The Hall of Hope
The Dark Tunnel
Everwant Passage
Mining Regrets
Rust in Peace
The Smeltry
Clash of Hyaenas
+to continue, pile up two boxes and climb on top. Jump to the Cloudstone, and when it's close by to the other side jump off. Break one push-box and climb up.
Greed Knows no Bounds
Live Long and Prosper
Pray to the Mineral Gods
Traitor's Parting

Mines B2

The lower levels of the mines.

Corridor of Shade
Revelation Shaft
+to continue, push a box to the edge, and smash the top one of three piled-up boxes. Hop on the box you pushed and pick up a box from the remaining pile. There is a pile of boxes on the far side of the gap, place the box opposite them on your side. Pick up the other box and put it on top of the first one. Climb up and jump to the opposite pile via the Cloudstone.
Gambler's Passage
The Miner's End
Treaty Room
+magic circle
Way of Lost Children
+timed challenge start. Head east to advance.
Hidden Resources
Desire's Passage
+cure trap near east exit
Senses Lost
+eruption trap, poison trap
Crossing of Blood
The Abandoned Catspaw
Hall of Contemplation
Hall of the Empty Sconce
Acolyte's Burial Vault
The Fallen Bricklayer
+pile up two boxes near the edge, climb up them and jump from the top to the platform. Continue onwards.
Cry of the Beast
The Ore of Legend
Suicidal Desires
+there is a lot of traps here, but also a Clear Trap by the north wall to get rid of them.
Lambs to the Slaughter
+heal trap on the south wall
A Wager of Noble Gold
Kilroy Was Here
Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss
+Cloudstone is only accessible from its closest stopping point (there are three), on the southern side. Wait for it to move closest to the northern side before attempting to jump off.
Tomb of the Reborn
The Lunatic Veins
+last room of the time trial. Fail and you'll be taken back to the Treaty Room.
Bandits' Hollow
Dining in Darkness
Subtellurian Horrors
+to get across you need to cast Fixate on the Cloudstone when it's by the pile of boxes, then jump across

Delusions of Happiness



Miners' Resting Hall
Stinger (Guisarme (Bronze), Sand Face)
Quad Shield (Bronze)
Ring Mail (Bronze)
Ring Leggings (Bronze)
White Queen
Grimoire Visible
Cure Bulb x5

Coal Mine Storage
Ring Sleeve (Bronze)
Chain Coif (Bronze)
Undine Jasper
Fern Sigil

Rust in Peace
Chain Sleeve (Bronze)
Salamander Ring
Elixir of Sages
Grimoire Undine

Acolyte's Burial Vault
Affinity (Corcesca (Hagane), Spiculum Pole)
Framea Pole
Circle Shield (Hagane, Brainshield)
Gauntlet (Hagane)
Grimoire Vie

Suicidal Desires
Dog's Nose (Footman's Mace (Hagane), Sarissa Grip)
Target Bow (Bronze)
Barbut (Silver)
Gnome Bracelet
Elixir of Queens
Vera Bulb x3

Delusions of Happiness
Pirate's Mate (Sabre Halberd (Hagane), Sarissa Grip)
Kris (Damascus)
Heater Shield (Orion
Swan Song
Vera Potion x3
Grimoire Salamandre

Mining Regrets (Chest Key)
White Cargo (Voulge (Damascus), Winged Pole)
Mana Potion x3

Hidden Resources (Chest Key)
Eviscerator (Kudi (Silver), Knuckle Guard)
Tower Shield (Iron)
Breastplate (Iron)
Fusskampf (Hagane)
Saint's Nostrum x3
Grimoire Mollesse


Goblin Leader
Boss: Wyvern
Boss: Fire Elemental
Boss: Ogre

Blood Lizard
Orc Leader
Poison Slime
Boss: Air Elemental
Boss: Earth Elemental
Boss: Sky Dragon

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