Abalathia's Spine

Abalathia's Spine (アバラシア [abalathia] in Japanese) is a great mountain range that covers much of northern Aldenard. It is unknown just how much of the mountains are part of Abalathia and which belong to other ranges. In particular, the Slate Mountains are noted to be located around Coerthas, but whether they are part of the greater Abalathia mountain range or a separate formation of their own is unknown.

The Coerthas highlands are located (at least partially) in Abalathia's Spine, and the Sea of Clouds covers much of it, connecting it down to Dravanian highlands to the south-west. To the north of Abalathia lays the Farreach, and Xelphatol is (again, at least partially) located in eastern Abalathia. To the south-east spreads the endless forest of the Black Shroud. Of rivers, at the very least the White Maiden appears to have its source in Abalathia's Spine.


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