789th Order Dig


The 789th Order Dig (第789洞穴団の採掘地 [dai789 douketsudan no saikutsuchi] or 'excavation site of the 789th cave group' in Japanese) is the dig site assigned to the 789th Order among the kobolds, which is the lowest Order among kobold society. Its members are considered barely more than outcasts, and the lack of ore in the dig site's vicinity reflects that standing. Physically, the dig is located in the Iron Lake area, right at the northern shore of the Bronze Lake.

It is unknown how long the 789th Order is supposed to have held their dig site. It was added to the game in version 2.2, but there is some indication that it is supposed to have been there earlier, just not exactly how much earlier.




789th Order Kobolds
789th Order Acolyte Ba Go
789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu
789th Order Dustman Bo Bu
789th Order Dustman Bo Zu
789th Order Pickman Gi Gu
Kobold Vendor (merchant)

Quest NPCs
175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi


Kobold Quests
How Low Can You Go
No-Good Zo Ga's Ambition
The Kobold and the Beautiful
Revenge of the Furred

Beastman Quests
Rattled in Ehcatl

Kobold Daily Quests (Neutral)
Battle of the Bottom Feeders
Bo Zu's Blown Cover
Finger Licking Good
Hells Have No Fury
Ill-Gotten Gains
Know Your Place
Misery Loves Company
Mother of All Bombs
No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
Rubbish for Refuse

Kobold Daily Quests (Recognized)
Ambushing the Assessor
Armed and Dangerous
Belles of the Ball
Brain Buster
Contents Unknown
A Dangerous Delivery
The Lode Warrior
Operation Riffraff
The Sly Salvages
Too Hot to Handle

Kobold Daily Quests (Friendly)
Angry Angry Acolyte
Ba Go's Behest
A Coblyn Catastrophe
Friends in Low Places
Fulminating Furnaces
Genius at Work
Glutton for Punishment
A Meal fit for a Fugleman
Spread the Wealth
Wrath of the Roundsman


Fishing: North Bronze Lake
Level: 35, Type: Freshwater
Bronze Lake Trout
Four-eyed Fish
Giant Bass
Giant Catfish
Jade Eel
King of the Spring
Mitten Crab
Pond Mussel

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