Whytkin Minigames

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The Whytkin minigames in Final Fantasy IV were added exclusively for the Nintendo DS version of the game. To play any of the games, the presence of Rydia is required, in either child or adult form. Additionally, the presence of the minigame's title person (in the case of Cecil, his Paladin form) is required in the present party for it to become available.
The minigames are accessible via the Fat Chocobo.

The Prizes

For each winning score of 1,000+ you will obtain a healing item, and landing in the top three for that minigame will raise your Whyt's stat. Each minigame has a different stat associated with it.
In addition, reaching the highest score of 9,999 points in a minigame will reward you with a new body model for your Whyt.

Basic prize
1,000-6,999: Potion, Antidote, Eye Drops, Echo Herbs, Golden Needle
7,000-9,998: Cottage, Ether, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Unicorn Horn
9,999: Hi-Ether, Remedy, X-Potion

The prize for each time you gain an appropriate score is determined randomly.

Whyt body
Rydia: Rydia Outfit
Rosa: Rosa Outfit
Cecil: Paladin Suit
Kain: Dragoon Outfit
Edge: Ninja Outfit

Whyt's body model can be changed from the Whyt modification menu.

Whyt stat
Rydia: INT
Rosa: SPR
Cecil: STR
Kain: STA
Edge: SPD

The exact stat value gained is the average of the appropriate minigame's top scores, divided by 100. Naturally, the max any of Whyt's stats can be is 99

Rydia's Mathemagic Minute

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Rosa's Measured Meditations

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Cecil's Goblin Gauntlet

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Kain's High Jump Hijinks

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Edge's Ninja Blade Glade

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