Treasure Hunt (XIV)

Treasure Hunt is just what the title says, a way for hunting treasure chests in FF14 A Realm Reborn. To participate, you must obtain a map through gathering, decipher it, find the right area for the treasure, and dig it up. Attempting to open the treasure chest will trigger a mob or several, and only if you manage to defeat them do you get the treasure.


While you can participate in map hunts for other players while you still haven't unlocked the function yourself, it really doesn't require too much to unlock it and start obtaining your own treasures. First you must complete the quest Treasures and Tribulations, which starts from Wineport with the NPC H'loonh. The required level for it is 36.

Completing the quest nets you the abilities Decipher and Dig, both of which are required for completing treasure hunts. With Decipher you change a gathered treasure map into a key item that displays the position of the treasure. With Dig, you unearth the treasure once at the correct location. Please note that once you use Dig, if you fail to defeat the mobs or move too far from the area before obtaining the treasure, you will lose both the treasure and the map that it came from.

The Maps

There is no special requirement for gathering the treasure maps (timeworn maps) required for the content. They appear in level 40+ gathering nodes, as listed below. Note that guildleve and unspoiled nodes won't yield any maps even in the right area, and you can only gather one timeworn map every 18 hours. The time remaining until your next map allowance displays in the Timers menu.

Map Obtain Recommended
Timeworn Leather Map Lv40 mature tree
Lv40 lush vegetation
Lv40 mineral deposit
Lv40 rocky outcrop
Lv40 fishing holes
Level 40 solo player
Timeworn Goatskin Map Lv45 mature tree
Lv45 lush vegetation
Lv45 mineral deposit
Lv45 rocky outcrop
Lv45 fishing holes
Level 45 solo player
Timeworn Toadskin Map Lv50 mature tree
Lv50 lush vegetation
Lv50 mineral deposit
Lv50 rocky outcrop
Lv50 fishing holes (Isles of Umbra south, Rathefrost)
Level 50 solo player
Timeworn Boarskin Map Lv50 mature tree
Lv50 lush vegetation
Lv50 mineral deposit
Lv50 rocky outcrop
Lv50 fishing holes (Reaver Hide, The Tangle)
Level 50 solo player
Timeworn Peisteskin Map Lv50 mature tree
Lv50 lush vegetation
Lv50 mineral deposit
Lv50 rocky outcrop
Lv50 fishing holes (Lake Tahtotl, Parata's Peace, North Shards)
Level 50 full party
Unhidden Leather Map Rare drop from treasure chest Lv50 ilv70 solo player
Mysterious Map Repeatable quest Morbid Motivation
Buy from Rowena for 800 Allagan Tomestones of Mythology
Lv50 solo player

The Fights

The mobs that the treasure chests pop vary based on the map used to pop it, and appear to have the same mob selection regardless of the zone the chest appears in. Below are gathered some possible opponents. They do not pop all at once, instead upon examining the treasure chest only the first mob mentioned pops nearby, the others will appear in groups afterwards.

Map Mobs
Timeworn Leather Map Alpha Devilet x1, Territorial Zombie x2, Territorial Skeleton x1
Alpha Mantis x1
Territorial Raptor x1, Territorial Pelican x2
Territorial Treant x1, Territorial Lily Bulb x6
Territorial Wolf x1, Territorial Jackal x2, Territorial Hound x3
Timeworn Goatskin Map Alpha Ahriman x1, Territorial Bat x1, Territorial Revenant x1
Alpha Grenade x1, Territorial Bomb x6
Alpha Vodoriga x1
Territorial Marshmellow x2, Territorial Bavarois x2, Territorial Pudding x2
Territorial Yarzon x3, Territorial Diremite x1, Territorial Coblyn x1
Timeworn Toadskin Map Alpha Nix x1
Territorial Coeurl Pup x2, Territorial Young Coeurl x1, Territorial Coeurl x1
Territorial Mole x2, Territorial Hedgemole x2, Territorial Mole x3, Territorial Hedgemole x3
Timeworn Boarskin Map Alpha Gargoyle x1, Territorial Revenant x4, Territorial Ahriman x1
Alpha Mantis x1, Territorial Ked x2
Territorial Kalong x1, Territorial Syrphid Cloud x3, Territorial Marmot x1
Territorial Stoneshell x1, Territorial Pugil x1, Territorial Uragnite x1
Timeworn Peisteskin Map Alpha Basilisk
Alpha Chimera x1, Territorial Vodoriga x2, Territorial Cobra x4
Alpha Dryad x1, Territorial Lily Bulb x10, Territorial Flytrap x2
Alpha Hapalit
Alpha Morbol
Alpha Tortoise x1, Territorial Slime x3, Territorial Slime x3
Territorial Bogy x3, Territorial Revenant x5, Territorial Ahriman x3
Territorial Cactuar x2, Territorial Sabotender x3, Territorial Flowertender x3
Territorial Devilet x5, Territorial Deathgaze x3, Territorial Gargoyle x2
Territorial Mandragora x?
Unhidden Leather Map ?
Mysterious Map Alpha Golem x1, Bomb x6, Bomb x6
Dire Gargoyle x4
Gelid Eye x1
Monocular Cyclops x1, Puk x10, Puk x10
Morbol Menace x1
Woad Back x1, Gold Back x1, Wine Back x1

The Treasure

The treasure you gain from the chests varies. Below are gathered some possible results. Aside from what's listed below, you will gain some gil, crystal shards, Allagan Tomes of Mythology1, and Aetherial equipment, depending on what map you deciphered and how lucky you get.
Bolded item refers to a rare and/or valuable item, many of them exclusive to treasure hunts at the time of writing.

Map Item Treasure
Timeworn Leather Map Ahriman Tears
Aldgoat Horn
Aldgoat Leather
Boar Hide
Electrum Ingot
Hard Leather
Horn Glue
Lotus Leaf
Oak Lumber
Steel Rivets
Undyed Velveteen
Walnut Lumber
Woolen Yarn
Timeworn Goatskin Map Blue Fox Hide
Cactuar Needle
Exquisite Buttons
Glass Lens
Hippogryph Sinew
Linen Yarn
Mahogany Lumber
Mythril Plate
Raptor Leather
Steel Ingot
Steel Plate
Undyed Felt
Undyed Linen
Timeworn Toadskin Map Animal Hide
Cutting Oil
Elm Lumber
Morbol Saliva
Oak Branch
Pudding Flesh
Raptor Leather
Rosewood Lumber
Rush Grass
Silver Ingot
Steel Plate
Tiny Bulb (minion)
Timeworn Boarskin Map Animal Hide
Eagle Feather
Iron Ingot
Mahogany Lumber
Mariner Cotton Cloth
Mythril Rings
Ochu Vine
Spoken Blood
Swan Feather
Undyed Felt
Wind-up Tonberry (minion)
Wolf Fang
Timeworn Peisteskin Map Aqueous Whetstone
Astral Eye
Astral Rock
Bluebird (minion)
Chinchilla Hide
Cobalt Rivets
Coeurl Skin
Crawler Cocoon
Darksteel Nugget
Darksteel Plate
Dress Material
Frosted Glass Lens
Gold Ore
Hippogryph Sinew
Hippogryph Skin
Rose Gold Nugget
Rosewood Lumber
Spruce Lumber
Thavnairian Mistletoe
Treant Sap
Trillium Bulb
Undyed Felt#FF14
Undyed Woolen Cloth
Vampire Plant
Wildfowl Feather
Unhidden Leather Map Blue Fox Hide
Cutting Oil
Dzemael Tomato Seeds
Dress Material
Mariner Cotton Cloth
Mist Silk
Nutkin (minion)
Peacock Ore
Polarized Glass
Raw Ruby
Shroud Tea Leaves
Mysterious Map Alexandrite (initiator only)

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