Sidequests in FFXII


Mark Hunting
Rare Game Club
Sky Pirate's Den

Bestiary Lore

This section lists the additional world/lore information unlockable by defeating multiple numbers of the same type of enemy. The unlocking method is listed along with the lore in the below pages, divided into sections by their title.
Note that the bestiary lore bits concerning the monsters themselves ('observations' page) are placed on the monster's own page.

The Adventurer's Handbook and Other Tips
Ahnas the Holy
Aletap Rumors
A Curious Treasure
The Dragon's Game
The Entite Pact and Other Scriptures
The History of Things and Other History
Letter to a Wayfarer
Mysteries of the Ancients
Nameless Inkings
Research Notes and Other Science
Sage Knowledge
Street Corner Musings
Talk About Town
Town Crier
The Wolf in the Woods
Miscellaneous Bestiary Lore Bits

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