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There are various sidequests in Final Fantasy Type-0. For the majority of the time, you will be solving small tasks in towns and cities in exchange for l'Cie Pyroxene. Those in turn are involved in another sidequest where you must gather all the pyroxene and turn them in to a person in the town of Isqah. It should bear noting that to gather all the pyroxene you must also complete all practice missions, as you don't get access to all the towns and cities without completing them.
Other sidequests also exist, all of them are listed below by category.

Note that the list remains incomplete for now.

Chocobo Breeding

In the Chocobo Stables area of the Academy you're given the option to breed chocobos to gain better steeds for your own use. After you give to the stable master your male and female chocobo and any possible greens that you want to use in the breeding process, it takes exactly 6 hours in-game time for the chocobos to hatch and mature. Note that completing story missions doesn't advance this counter at all, and that both the chocobos and the greens you hand in are consumed in the breeding process.

To read more about chocobo breeding, see here.

Academy Oldtimers

There are two people in the Academy of Magic Peristerium who were cadets at the same time as Kurasame. They are Kazusa Futahito and Emina Hanaharu. Both of them have special events connected to them that are not available only on a certain day but depend on other things. Naturally, to get your event list complete you must follow these two side quests.

Kazusa's Research

Kazusa Futahito is a research maniac, and has special interest in the cadets of Class 0 due to their connection to Arecia Al-Rashia. You first meet him in chapter 2, before the mission Operation: Reconquista. At this point yet he can be found in the 6th Armament Research Laboratory. He has two events there, and in the latter of them he will take you to his research laboratory off to the left side of the Crystarium, hidden behind the bookshelves.
At this point, you have 7 further events to see at his laboratory, listed below as 1-7. Each requires you to talk to Kazusa on a certain character. Take note that if you return on a different day with the same character, Kazusa will let you see a cutscene - the same one as before. If you forget who you've already taken to him, check the Book of Records at the Crystarium for the numbers of the cutscenes you've already seen, and check the table below for who you must still show to him.

Later on in chapter 7, you can unlock 7 further events (numbered 8-14). First you must head to General Staff 2nd Mission Department and talk to Naghi Minatsuchi. Then head to Kazusa's lab and talk to him, after which Naghi can be found in the Crystarium. Accept and complete Naghi's quest, and as the last step go talk to Kazusa again.

Each of the Kazusa events takes 2 hours just like a regular event. You should also note that Kazusa can only be found on the latter 6 hours each day - that is, starting from 6 hours until next day until the end of that day.

Event Character Event Character
1 Cater 8 Sice
2 Sice, Cinque 9 Cinque, King
3 Seven, Deuce 10 Ace, Machina
4 Nine, Jack 11 Nine
5 Ace, King 12 Jack, Deuce
6 Trey, Rem 13 Trey, Eight
7 Eight, Machina 14 Cater, Queen

Presents for Emina

Emina Hanaharu is a researcher who as her hobby cultivates relationships with students and other members of the staff. There are many individuals in the Academy who buy her presents or go to great lengths to obtain presents for her by other means, and this is what you must do as well. You first meet her in chapter 2, before the mission Operation: Reconquista. She's always found on the Terrace. After the first event, you must have first bought the necessary item to gift her with to watch the next cutscene. They can be viewed in any order.

Your gifts to Emina are always bought from the various towns and cities around the world from a woman merchant selling special goods from the region. Note that not all of the items for sale can be gifted to Emina, and some of them must be gifted as many as three times (on the different scales of Sheer magic) to watch all the cutscenes. All the gifts that can be activated to view the cutscenes have been listed below.

There are three different scales, each having the same cutscenes but with Emina in different clothes. You start out on Sheer (スケル [sukeru]), and after watching three different cutscenes can change the scale to Sheera (スケルラ [sukerura]). To do this you must talk to the first man on the left in the Department of Magic and agree to the change. Note that scale cannot be changed back, so be careful to see all 8 different cutscenes before changing the scale.
The last of the scales in Sheerga (スケルガ [sukeruga]). To activate it, you must have seen four different cutscenes on the Sheera scale and have seen the Kazusa event in chapter 7. After this, you can once again talk to the man in the Department of Magic to change the scale. Sheerga, like the last two scales, also has the same 8 different cutscenes for viewing.

Each of the Emina events takes 2 hours just like a regular event. You should also note that Emina can only be found on the latter 6 hours each day - that is, starting from 6 hours until next day until the end of that day.

Event Item Town
1 Potted Plant Rokol
2 Tea Set Mi-Go
Decorative Plant Toguagh
Famous Artist's Painting Meroë
3 Wooden Coeurl Toguagh
4 Blue Bouquet Corsi
Cameo Ornament Rokol
Tapestry Meroë
5 Long Popular Novel Corsi
Hand Mirror Mi-Go
Quill Pen Meroë
6 Perfume Set Mi-Go
Jewel Box Meroë
7 Chandelier Toguagh
8 Music Box Rokol
Rukonair Doll Toguagh

Gather Phantoma

In various places around the world there are people who request you to bring a certain amount of a certain phantoma to them. They will not reveal what they'll give you in exchange for this phantoma, but each does give a reward.

Isqah (1, 2)1
Name: Suzakuan
Request: 40 Magenta Phantoma
Reward: Fire Magic Medicine
Other: available in first version after completing the quest to kill 2 imperial soldiers

Isqah (2)
Name: Suzakuan
Request: 40 Cedar Phantoma
Reward: Defense Magic Medicine
Other: available in second version after completing the chocobo chicks side quest

Isqah (2)
Name: Suzakuan
Request: 40 Cyan Phantoma
Reward: Ice Magic Medicine
Other: available in second version after completing the chocobo chicks side quest

Isqah (2)
Name: Suzakuan
Request: 40 Magenta Phantoma
Reward: Fire Magic Medicine
Other: available in second version after completing the chocobo chicks side quest

Isqah (2)
Name: Suzakuan
Request: 40 Sepia Phantoma
Reward: Thunder Magic Medicine
Other: available in second version after completing the chocobo chicks side quest

Bethnel Cavern
Name: Akane
Request: 40 Smalt Phantoma
Reward: ?

Gather Pyroxene

This sidequest is very simple. All you have to do is gather each and every piece of l'Cie pyroxene in the world, they total 43 in number. Then you bring them to Isqah to the person Atora and hand them in, one by one. Each stone will reveal something about the l'Cie that formed it.
To have the person appear in Isqah, you must first complete the quest in the city wanting you to kill two imperial commanders in the region.

Most pyroxene are obtained from the town sidequests, listed below, although you obtain some from finding them where they're lying in towns and other such methods. To see a full list of the Pyroxene and how to obtain them, see here.

Town Sidequests

Mc Tighe

Mc Tighe's sidequest concerns the town's new mayor. It is the day of his inauguration and he's depressed that nobody's shown up to listen to his speech. Agree to remind people what day it is to help him out.

You must find all the people within the town, including the one within the houses. The new mayor will not settle for anything less than the entire population of the town hearing his speech. Investigate every door and talk to every group of people around the town square. Each group of people will have one person who will make that entire group leave and gather in front of the mayor.

Once you're done gathering all the people, talk to the mayor. He will give you Mizua's Pyroxene.


Aqvi's sidequest concerns the little girl Nazuna. Her older sister has gone to join the Suzaku army, but has promised that they would meet again under a specific tree. Nazuna can be found standing beneath that tree, and she refuses to go play with other children before her sister comes back to meet with her.

To start the sidequest, talk to Nazuna twice. After that you must talk to the other three children running around near Nazuna, each of them once. Then once again talk to Nazuna. Once you do that, she will run off to the alley between houses, but still in sight of the tree. Go talk to her again.
After that, head for the gates of the town. You will see a Suzaku soldier walk in. Once you talk to the soldier and say you know someone with the name of Nazuna, you will receive Letter to Nazuna. Take the letter to her.

Once you've given Nazuna the letter from her older sister, she will give you Yuu's Pyroxene.


The town of Keziah is known for being a maze that hardly anyone but its residents can navigate around in. Right at the entrance you will find a Suzaku clerk, who is on a mission to deliver letters to 10 residents of the town. You must agree to help her deliver these letters - in other words, take them all to the right houses.

The process is very simple. You receive letters one by one, and the clerk will tell you the name of each recipient. By investigating a door, you can read the name of the person living there. Simply match the right letter to the right door, and return to the clerk for the next letter.
The 10th and final letter is slightly more complicated. The name on the letter is faded, and you must find someone who can read it. This someone is the man in the dead end to the right of the entrance. He will tell that the letter is meant for Dorothea, who lives in the big house up the hill with the faded name in the box.

Deliver the final letter and return to the clerk one final time. She will give you Ruriha's Pyroxene.


Mi-Go is a small town in North Togoreth, and the residents are very worried they don't stand up to the high standards of city-people. What makes it more important for the young men of Mi-Go is that a circus, the Sun Troupe, consisting mostly of women, is in town.

You need to head to the group of four young men in a street corner, and 'teach' them what is trendy in Suzaku right now. It is unknown at the moment if you success depends on certain answers given to them.

Once you have taught each of the four men one thing that is popular, the scene in town will change. Each of the men will be paired up with a woman from the Sun Troupe. Talking to one of the men will net you Yuka's Pyroxene.


In Rokol there exists a gatherer of secrets. This man wants you to bring him information about secrets of the Academy, so go talk to the numerous Suzaku clerks and soldiers within the town. Each of them will tell you another tidbit concerning the Nameless Book, Akasha Record, Agito and Finis. There is a total of 6 of them.

Once you've talked to each of them go back to the gatherer of secrets. He will give you Maona's Pyroxene in exchange for the information.


There are two versions of Isqah in the game, the first one that you see right after gaining control of the area, and the second one that appears only after you've gained control of the Meroë region. Isqah's side quest is at the second version of the town.

There is a soldier at the entrance saying that the chocobo's chicks have wandered off into town. Agree to help him find them, there are 4 in total, 3 of which are missing. The chicks must be found in certain order, they won't appear in the town until the last one in line has been found.
The first one is up the hill hiding next to some wooden crates. Take him to the soldier, and you will find the next one at the gates. This one is black. The third one is a white one and at the farthest end of the town at the dead end with the suspicious merchants.

Once you talk to the soldier again, Isqah's merchants will have disappeared so take note. For your troubles, you will gain access to the Phantoma gatherers of the Gather Phantoma side quest.


Toguagh is abuzz with a new monument built based on the concept of the huge tower nearby. There are numerous people in the town square sketching it. The person you're looking for is a man with a boy at his side, a father and son. The father has boasted to his son that he's a good artist, and now must make good of his word and draw the best sketch of the monument.

You're given three questions to answer. You can get out of the question by pressing your Cancel button to check the monument if you're unsure of the answer, and if you answer even one question wrong you will have to start all over again. The correct answers are that the monument is six-sided, around 10 meters tall and white in gray in color.

Once you've given the correct answers to the man, he will give you Kanna's Pyroxene in exchange for helping him.

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