Path Companion (XIV)

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The Path Companion system in 1.x version of Final Fantasy version was a half-implemented system for a fighting companion. You could obtain one through the main scenario quests, and while you couldn't go back and complete the quests with your new companion if you changed it, the game let you recreate your fellow at any time by speaking to Tataru.


Once you reached the quest Fade to White where you could choose your companion, you were given several options. These options were for the large part pre-made and you didn't have all that much control over them. In the end, it boiled down to choosing a class and then choosing a race/gender/personality combination you liked. There were no default names for companions, you had to come up with a name yourself.
Your companion's race/gender/personality option changed some dialogue within the main scenario quests they were involved in.


Race Tribe Gender Personality
Hyur Midlander Male A fine if somewhat conventional companion, possessing a strong sense of justice, an indefatigable spirit and…so on.
Hyur Midlander Female A gregarious though slightly egocentric young woman. If you can put up with her, she won't let you down.
Hyur Highlander Male Women, wine, war and women. Just four - alright, three of the things which tickle the fancy of this brute of a man. He doesn't so much stand on ceremony as stamp on it until it stops moving.
Elezen Wildwood
Male Being a man wholly focused on his mission, this highborn fellow can seem rather curt, if not downright rude.
Elezen Wildwood
Female A studious sort with exemplary manners. Serious and trustworthy, as you'd expect, but possibly a little…stiff for some tastes. Still, if you loathe over-familiarity, she may be just the companion - sorry, colleague for you.
Lalafell Plainsfolk
Male It is said that a hero lies within us all. In the case of this rather sheltered young Lalafell, one might assume that the hero in question does so under his bed, hoping his harpy of a mother won't think to look for him there. Will you be the one to coax him out?
Lalafell Plainsfolk
Female Does your world want for a wealth of wordplay and wit? An abundance of alliteration, assonance aplenty and a soupcon of sibilance to seal the deal? Well, you were warned.
Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun
Keeper of the Moon
Female A lady who knows what she likes, and likes a little bit of everything. Don't be fooled by her coquettish manner and all-too-apparent charms; in her breast beats the fiery heart of a warrior. Not to worry, though, she'll be gentle - assuming that’s what you like.
Roegadyn Seawolf
Male When the going gets tough, it's often nice to have a big, earnest, slightly credulous friend around - and they don’t come much bigger than this straight-talking Roegadyn.

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