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The Hunt is a feature added to Final Fantasy XIV with the patch 2.3. It consists of killing various designated mobs around Eorzea. The highest levels of hunt targets give rewards even if you're not in possession of hunt mark bills for them (in fact, the highest ranks don't have separate bills for them at all), but for the lower-level targets you will need the bills for any rewards except kill count. You can pick up mark bills from your Grand Company's hunt board, although it requires completing the quest Let the Hunt Begin. The available bills change periodically, and you can only pick up each posting of marks once. Each player gets their own mark bill targets, so you don't have to worry too much about huge demand.

Hunt Mark Bills
Stack of Mark Bills (Daily), 3 overworld mobs + 2 FATE NMs
Elite Mark Bill (Weekly), 1 B rank mark


The hunt rewards consist mostly of various currencies, including gil, Allagan Tomestones of Mythology and Soldiery, as well as Allied Seals that are only obtainable through Hunts (at the time of writing). Tomestones can be used to buy goods from Auriana at Mor Dhona, and Allied Seals can be used to buy goods from your Grand Company's Hunt Billmaster, located right next to the Hunt Board.

Rank Rewards
Unranked Overworld Mob (bill) 1,000 gil, 4 Allied Seals
Unranked FATE NM (bill) 2,000 gil, 10 Allied Seals
Elite B Rank (no bill) -1
Elite B Rank (bill) 5,000 gil, 50 Allied Seals
Elite A Rank 20 Allied Seals, 80 Allagan Tomestones of Mythology, and 20 of Soldiery
Elite S Rank 50 Allied Seals, 200 Allagan Tomestones of Mythology, and 40 of Soldiery

Elite Marks

B Rank

All B rank marks respawn on a 5-second timer, and can easily be soloed. They give no rewards unless you have an Elite Mark Bill on you - in that case, the reward is the standard 50 Allied Seals for the kill. Below you can find a list of the B rank marks and the zone they can be found in. Do note, however, that each mob can spawn in many, many locations throughout their zone, you will have to find them either by exploration or /shouts.

The Black Shroud
Monarch Ogrefly (South Shroud)
Phecda (North Shroud)
Stinging Sophie (East Shroud)
White Joker (Central Shroud)

La Noscea
Barbastelle (Lower La Noscea)
Bloody Mary (Eastern La Noscea)
Dark Helmet (Western La Noscea)
Myradrosh (Upper La Noscea)
Skogs Fru (Middle La Noscea)
Vuokho (Outer La Noscea)

Albin the Ashen (Southern Thanalan)
Flame Sergeant Dalvag (Northern Thanalan)
Gatling (Eastern Thanalan)
Ovjang (Central Thanalan)
Sewer Syrup (Western Thanalan)

Naul (Coerthas Central Highlands)

Mor Dhona
Leech King (Mor Dhona)

A Rank

A-ranks are timed spawns. Note that the timer for their next pop starts at the moment they spawn, not at the moment of their death. Once the timer is full, for the next hour they'll have a chance to spawn, with a guaranteed spawn one hour from the timer becoming full provided it hasn't popped earlier. You get rewards from A-ranks based on your participation in the fight, rather like FATE rewards. The maximum you can get is 20 Allied Seals, 80 Tomestones of Mythology and 20 Tomestones of Soldiery.
Exactly like B-rank marks, A-ranks can spawn throughout their respective zones.

The Black Shroud
Forneus (Central Shroud, 3h30 to 4h30)
Ghede Ti Malice (South Shroud, 3h45 to 4h45)
Girtab (North Shroud, 3h45 to 4h45)
Melt (East Shroud, 3h to 4h)

La Noscea
Cornu (Outer La Noscea, 3h30 to 4h30)
Hellsclaw (Eastern La Noscea, 3h30 to 4h30)
Marberry (Upper La Noscea, 4h to 5h)
Nahn (Western La Noscea, 3h30 to 4h30)
Unktehi (Lower La Noscea, 3h45 to 4h45)
Vogaal Ja (Middle La Noscea, 3h30 to 4h30)

Alectyron (Western Thanalan, 3h30 to 4h30)
Dalvag's Final Flame (Northern Thanalan, 4h to 5h)
Maahes (Eastern Thanalan, 3h to 4h)
Sabotender Bailarina (Central Thanalan, 4h to 5h)
Zanig'oh (Southern Thanalan, 3h45 to 4h45)

Marraco (Coerthas Central Highlands, 3h to 4h)

Mor Dhona
Kurrea (Mor Dhona, 3h30 to 4h30)

S Rank

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