Hunting Log (XIV)

The hunting log is a supplementary fighting activity in Final Fantasy XIV. Its purpose is to give extra rewards to those who hunt down and kill certain mobs. Each class has their own hunting log, and additionally each Grand Company has their own hunting log as well.
Please note that the crafting and gathering logs are treated separately from the hunting logs.

Class Logs

The class-specific hunting logs are unlocked as you join a certain guild. For classes after the first this happens right at the end of the level 0 class quest, but for your first class you have to wait until the end of the lv1 class quest to unlock the feature in the first place.
The next page of every hunting log is unlocked only after you have completed all of the previous page and have reached appropriate level for the page. Thus, even if you complete page 2 at, say, level 18, page 3 won't be unlocked until you reach level 20.

Completing each hunting log gives you an achievement.

Class Hunting Logs

Grand Company Logs

The Grand Company-specific hunting logs are unlocked as you join a Grand Company. You can only have one GC hunting log at a time, so if you switch companies your hunting log changes as well. It is unknown at this time if you keep your progression in hunting log if you switch back to a company you've already started the log on, although this is likely.
You can unlock new pages for the GC hunting log by completing the previous page and then reaching a certain rank in your company.

Completing each hunting log gives you an achievement, as well as a special minion.

Grand Company Hunting Logs
Order of the Twin Adder
Immortal Flames

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