Housing (XIV)

Housing is a feature in Final Fantasy XIV that lets you build and decorate a house, either for you or for your Free Company (for FC housing some restrictions may be imposed on you by your rank within the company). Housing is connected to several other features, such as gardening and chocobo raising, both of which require special vendor-bought items to be placed in your yard to access. You may also place convenience items such as vendors, menders and crafting facilities, and for your FC housing there may also be an FC chest and a miniature aetheryte that enables teleporting to it for a very low price.


Acquiring the Land

To build a house, you must first purchase a plot of land. To do so, you must physically enter the ward you want and examine the placard in front of a vacant plot. There are four different villages to choose from for your location, and each village has a number of identical instanced zones called wards. Each ward consists of a few dozen housing plots, varying in size between Small, Medium and Large. The size of the plot you purchase determines what size your house will be. On Small plots you can only build a Cottage-size house, on Medium plots a regular House, and a Large plot is capable of holding a Mansion-size house.
Note that depending on how recently new wards have been added and how populated your server is, there may be a situation that all plots that exist have already been sold in your desired village - or even in all villages. In this case you have no choice but to wait for new wards to be opened.

Housing Areas
Lavender Beds (by Gridania)
Mist (by Limsa Lominsa)
The Goblet (by Ul'dah)
Shirogane (by Kugane in Hingashi)

Plot Sizes
Small - max 200 items placed inside, 20 outside. One floor + basement
Medium - max 300 items placed inside, 30 outside. Two floors + basement
Large - max 400 items placed inside, 40 outside. Two floors + basement

Note that the cost of your plot varies with time that has passed since the plot became vacant. The lowest price will be hit 90 days after that, presuming that the plot is still vacant. Please check within the game for the most current prices for the plots you're after. Listed below are the maximum and minimum prices for each size and classification.
The 'class' of the plot is a further classification of plots based on how desirable the location of the plot is within the ward (eg plots with better travel connections are higher-class than remote ones).

Initial Price
Size 5th class plot 4th class plot 3rd class plot 2nd class plot 1st class plot
Small 3,000,000 3,187,000 3,375,000 3,562,500 3,750,000
Medium 16,000,000 17,000,000 18,000,000 19,000,000 20,000,000
Large 40,000,000 42,500,000 45,000,000 47,500,000 50,000,000
Minimum Price
Size 5th class plot 4th class plot 3rd class plot 2nd class plot 1st class plot
Small 1,488,000 1,581,060 1,674,000 1,767,060 1,860,000
Medium 7,936,000 8,432,000 8,928,000 9,424,000 9,920,000
Large 19,840,000 21,080,000 22,320,000 23,560,000 24,800,000


Once you have purchased a plot of land, you are almost ready to start customizing. But first, you must purchase a construction permit. Enter the premises of the plot you purchased, and open the Housing menu - note that the menu is only enabled when within the plot of land. The construction permit, pricey as it can be compared to other items, is still but a drop in the water compared to the cost of buying the land.

Be sure to purchase the correct permit for your plot of land, it is determined first by the village and second by the size of your plot. There are several corresponding permits for each combination, as the last option that determines which permit you will have to purchase is the appearance of the house you want to build.

Construction Permits
Glade Cottage Permit / Riviera Cottage Permit / Oasis Cottage Permit - 9,000 gil
Glade House Permit / Riviera House Permit / Oasis House Permit - 19,800 gil
Glade Mansion Permit / Riviera Mansion Permit / Oasis Mansion Permit - 60,000 gil


Once you have built the basic house by using a construction permit, you will end up with a generic house built with the same default material all over. For example, if you purchased a Glade Wood Cottage Permit your Small-sized house will be built out of Wood materials in the style of Gridania, and if you purchased a Riviera Stone Mansion Permit your Large-sized house will be built out of Stone materials in the style of Limsa Lominsa. However, once the initial house is there you can change this by applying various building materials through the Housing menu. If you would prefer Wood-type walls with a Composite-style roof, this is entirely possible. You can even dye various parts of the house by applying dye materials to it. Changing the appearance of your house is called remodeling.

A freshly built house, aside from being of default appearance, is also very empty. You can place various furnishing items within the house as well as in the garden, up to the limit set by the size of your plot. Furnishing the house happens through the Housing menu as well. Just like building materials, various furnishing items can be dyed as well.

Please see here for a list of all housing material and furnishing items.


Once a house has been constructed on a plot of land, its settings can be changed from the Housing menu. These include the estate name and message, as well as whether or not outsiders can enter.

There are various other things to think of as well, such as turning on and off any lamps set within the house. However, these are done by interacting with the lamp (etc) in question within the estate itself.


If you for any reason want to give up your house and land, you can relinquish it from the housing menu. First you must empty out all furnishings and then remove the house itself as well. After this, the relinquish option becomes available. You won't be refunded any gil for doing so, but considering there is a one estate per FC and one estate per person limitation, should you wish to buy a bigger plot of land or one in a more desirable location, you must first relinquish your old one.

Please note that plots of land can't be traded between players either. Once relinquished, the plot will be free for anyone to buy at the normal price for that size and class of plot for the server it's in.


Should you not visit your house in 45 days, your house will be demolished and any non-destructible furniture you might have placed within is placed with the Resident Caretaker, as well as 80% of the plot's purchasing price. Note that for personal houses this means that the owner must visit it, and for FC houses it means that any member of the FC must visit it within the allocated time. 'Visit' also means that the applicable person or persons must physically enter the house for the timer to reset.

Demolition also applies to plots of land that have not been built upon. Any purchased plot with no house in it will be automatically relinquished after 45 days.

FC Housing

Any Free Company that reaches the rank of 6 (thus gaining the Land Acquisition entitlement) is eligible to build their FC house. By default only the leader of the FC has the power to buy a plot of land and construct a house, but the permissions can be customized from the FC rank editing interface.

Private Chambers

For anyone who for one reason or another isn't capable or willing of buying a house of their own, there is the option of buying a room for personal use within the FC house. Each house can have one private chamber per FC member attached to it, and each member on a rank that the FC allows the buy a private chamber can have one, regardless of other housing possessions such as personal housing or apartments. Each of the chambers is slightly bigger than one floor of the Small-sized house, and it can be customized at will by the member who owns it, including having their own room name, greeting and access settings.

To buy a private chamber, a player must be member of a Free Company, have at least one level 50 class, and be of rank Second Lieutenant or higher in their Grand Company. Once a player has purchased a private chamber, they can't leave the FC until they vacate the chambers. This is done through the Housing menu while on estate grounds.

Note that there can be a maximum of 512 private chambers associated with one FC house.

Private Chamber
Max 50 items inside
Costs 300,000 gil

Company Workshop

A company workshop can be built below any type of house that is owned by a Free Company. Various big-scale projects can be crafted there via a special workshop interface, such as airships and rare types of walls and roofs. The airship exploration feature is also available via the workshop only, and there is a related mammet vendor that offers items for purchase with FC points.

No furniture can be placed within the workshop and its appearance can't be altered in any way.

Costs 800,000 gil


Each housing area has an apartment building where players can buy apartments. To buy an apartment, a player must have at least one class at level 50, and have the rank of Second Lieutenant in their Grand Company. Other than that, the player can only possess one apartment building at a time, although it bears noting that houses are not counted and any player can possess both one personal house and one apartment, as well as a private chamber in their FC's house. It bears noting that apartments are not subject to demolition, so players can freely buy and forget if they're so inclined.

Each apartment building also has a lobby where a special receptionist and other services are located. A shared chocobo stable is placed outside, although there are no gardening features. The maximum number of apartments in a building is 500.

Apartment Buildings
Lavender Beds - Lily Hills
Mist - The Topmast
The Goblet - The Sultana's Breath

Max 50 items inside
Costs 500,000 gil

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