Hamlet Defense (XIV)

Hamlet defense is a type of activity in Final Fantasy XIV that has you defend a small village (hamlet) from invading forces. Defending comes in two types, those of provisioning and fighting. There are also two phases to hamlet defense, and while provisioning can be done in both phases (although it takes different forms), fighting can only be done in the actual combat phase.


Below are listed the locations and key personnel for each possible hamlet defense location.

Hamlet Captain Quartermaster
Hyrstmill Rontremont Dhebi Polaali
Aleport Rhotblaet B'davzzi
Golden Bazaar Carmine P'lhabgo

Non-Combat/Supply Phase

Non-combat phase is the longer phase of the two, clocking in at 50 hours at a time. During the non-combat phase players can bolster the defenses of a hamlet and thus determine some of the combat phase parameters. All provisions are handed in to the local Militia quartermaster (see above).

Each Non-combat phase starts with 0 provisions rating. As more and more items are turned in to bolster the defenses (each giving a certain amount of points), the rating may rise. A certain amount of points is required to reach the next rating, and the maximum is 2. The rating affects what type of rewards and how often you get them during the combat phase.

Below you can find several ways to bolster the provisions rating of a hamlet. By turning in gathering or crafting products, you also gain anima.

Caravan Security (lv 45)
Turn in any equip with 100% durability and one or more materia on it

Turn in 10 for reward. 4 anima and 1,000 points for NQ, 6 anima and 10,000 points for HQ.
Light Kidney Ore (MIN)
Supple Spruce Branch (BTN)
Young Indigo Herring (FSH)

Turn in 1 for reward. 4 anima and 1,000 points for NQ, 6 anima and 10,000 points for HQ.
Militia Bow (CRP)
Militia Sword (BSM)
Militia Helm (ARM)
Militia Gorget (GSM)
Militia Longboots (LTW)
Militia Leggings (WVR)
Militia Poultice (ALC)
Militia Rations (CUL)

Combat Phase

Combat phase follows immediately after a non-combat phase, and lasts for 25 hours. Participation of disciplines of War and/or Magic gives more killing power, and disciplines of Hand and Land can aid by giving buffs and debuffs, respectively.

If you want to participate, you must be in a full party of 8 and be on a class level 45+. Instance can be initiated by talking to the local Militia captain. The fight is won when the beastman leader falls or if you have successfully protected the four local supply caches for the duration of the instance.
While the mission objective for Disciplines of War and Magic are clear - simply defeat your enemies, possibly even employing a strategy - the role of gatherers and crafters might not be so clear during a defensive battle. Below the assigned jobs for each is described.

Rewards gained from any specific hamlet defense battle depends on what happens in the battle and if players with high provisioning rank participate in it. See for exact details below.


A gatherer's job in hamlet defense is to find various humour pots scattered around the hamlet and delivering them to the local quartermaster. Be sure to take note of their position before the battle starts, and to be familiar with the area.

Once you pick up a pot of humours, the pot will break if you're attacked. Bringing them intact to the quartermaster can result in various enfeebling effects on the enemies, depending on which combination(s) of pots you bring.

Sanguine Humours x3 - Weakens enemy attacks
Phlegmatic Humours x3 - HP Down effect
Melancholic Humours x3 - Puts enemy to sleep
Sanguine Humours, Phlegmatic Humours, Melancholic Humours - Resets enmity


While a gatherer enfeebles the enemies, a crafter enhances the allies. A crafter must craft various items from materials found scattered around the hamlet and deliver them to the local quartermaster. For crafters as well as gatherers, quick and accurate knowledge of the position of the quartermaster is essential.

Once you pick up a material or are crafting, the material will be broken if you're attacked. Be sure to stay out of the way. All crafted items require exactly one material of the corresponding type, and bringing the crafted item intact to the quartermaster will result in various buffing effects on the militia allies.

Crafting materials
Sanctifying (any) - give regen to militia laborers
Musky (any) - reset beastman orders and enmity on all militia
Fortifying (any) - give a def and eva boost to all militia
Spiking (any) - increase the attack of militia archers

Grading Objectives

Your battle will be graded by what you did or failed to do during it. Exceeding a certain amount of points is required to get some of the better rewards, and will make it easier to gain more rare rewards.

Party Composition
Objective name Points Notes
Balanced Party Utilized 50 At least one of each Discipline (War, Magic, Land and Hand) present
Eight classes represented 30
Only Disciplines of War and Magic present 250
Only Disciplines of War present 500
Only Disciplines of Magic present 500
Only Disciplines of Land and Hand present 250
Only Disciplines of Land present 500
Only Disciplines of Hand present 500
All eight Disciplines of Hand present 100
Same profession selected by all members 500
Disciplines of Land present 100 each
Disciplines of Hand present 100 each
Provisioner present 5,000 A player in the top 20 Supply Rating is present
Enemies Defeated
Objective name Points Notes
Beastmen soldiers dispatched 10 each
Beastmen casters dispatched 10 each
Total beastmen dispatched 10 each
All melee units dispatched 500
All magic units dispatched 500
No beastmen survivors 5,000 Requires holding the boss to wait for the remaining waves to spawn
Rank 1 beastmen leader slain 500
Rank 2 beastmen leader slain 2,000
All beastmen defeated before leader arrival 500
Stray Fauna defeated 1,500 During the first wave, defeat the Frightened Lemur/Hyrstmill, Frightened Crab/Aleport, Frightened Cactuar/Golden Bazaar
Beast of Burden defeated 1,500 Before the boss wave, defeat the Scout Wolf/Hyrstmill, Synthetic Bomb/Aleport, Battle Drake/Golden Bazaar
Errant Soul defeated 5,000 Spawns if unique beastmen were slain by Militia Archers and all other beastmen but the boss are dead
All non-beastmen foes defeated 1,000 Defeat Stray Fauna, Beast of Burden and Errant Soul
Gathering and Crafting
Objective name Points Notes
No humor pots dropped 100 Requires not being attacked while carrying one
All methods of Warden's Justice inflicted 150
Times Warden's Justice inflicted 10 each
Times enemy attack lowered 30 each
Times enemy HP lowered 30 each
Times alchemic sleep induced 30 each
All methods of Justice inflicted simultaneously 100
All methods of Disorientation applied 150
Instruments of Warfare deployed 10 each
Times militia defense and evasion increased 30 each
Times militia attack increased 30 each
Times regen granted 30 each
All varieties of instruments deployed simultaneously 100
No humor pots dropped or instruments of warfare destroyed 100
Objective name Points Notes
All orders from enemy leader prevented 300
Orders from enemy leader prevented 30 each
Militia survivors 100 each
No militia casualties 1,500
No militia survivors 500
Front line unbreached 1,500
Second line unbreached 500
Third line unbreached 100
All lines of defense intact 500
Supply carts remaining 500 each
All supply carts intact 1,500
Only enemy leader defeated 1,000
No beastmen casualties 100
No beastmen soldier casualties 250
No beastmen caster casualties 250
Beastmen taken captive 30 each
Times KO'd: 0 500
Troops rallied 100
Enemies goaded 100
Reckless gathering employed 100
Reckless crafting employed 100
Freeloading gatherer present 10
Freeloading crafter present 10
Materia melded 10
Deserter discovered 10
Aetherial deserter discovered 10
One or more members missing in action 10


For the most part, the possible rewards from Hamlet Defense are divided by the area you get it from. For some rewards you might also need to fulfill a certain condition, and the better you personally do the better your personal rewards are. Likewise, the better your party did in the battle, the better and the more treasure you will get.

Condition Hyrstmill Aleport Golden Bazaar
Only for top 20 provisioners Militia Sledgehammer
Militia Culinary Knife
Militia Mortar
Militia Gig
Militia Claw Hammer
Militia File
Militia Pliers
Militia Scythe
Militia Awl
Militia Grinding Wheel
Militia Spinning Wheel
Guaranteed with over 60,000 points Militia Barbut
Vortex Seal
Militia Armet
Tremor Seal
Militia Hat
Inferno Seal
Others Militia Robe
Militia Gauntlets
Militia Trousers
Militia Caligae
Militia Belt
Militia Bracelets
Militia Wristlets
Militia Cuirass
Militia Mitt Gauntlets
Militia Tights
Militia Duckbills
Militia Earrings
Militia Bracelets
Militia Wristlets
Militia Harness
Militia Ringbands
Militia Subligar
Militia Sabatons
Militia Choker
Militia Bracelets
Militia Wristlets
Guaranteed Magicked Prism (Indigo Star) Magicked Prism (Crimson Star) Magicked Prism (Emerald Star)

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