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This page details information about events only present in version 1.x of Final Fantasy XIV. This type of event was removed for version 2.0 and later, the information below has been chronicled here for archival purposes.

In Final Fantasy XIV there are one-off events related to the current latest story, current seasonal events and other happenings in Hydaelyn. These have been titled 'world events' in Chrysalis and have been briefly described on this page.
Note that due to the nature of these events they cannot be experienced again after their designated time has passed. Participation in them will often net you a Lodestone entry or two.

World events sometimes involve GMs playing in the role of various story characters. These GMs will role-play with player characters. Each GM is designated one language and they will refuse to speak on any other language than their designated one. The language options are English, Japanese, German and French.


Urianger Appears

The first sightings of the mysterious character Urianger Augurelt was the first ever world event, starting in April. He would appear in Ul'dah near the aetheryte square and warn players about the approaching 7th Umbral Era. On any players in the vicinity he would also cast buff spells that did not belong to any existing class at the time, but he seemed to be carrying weapons of the Arcanist class.

Around the same time, the town informant Alfgar also made his first appearance. He warned against trusting the words of strangers.

The related Lodestone entry is Seventh Moon Rising. It required hearing the words of Urianger Augurelt.

The Empire Strikes

The second world event ran from summer onwards involved Garlean invaders attacking the camps of Horizon in Thanalan, Tranquil in the Black Shroud and Bloodshore in La Noscea. They would appear slightly away from the camp and attack in waves. A player could participate in beating them back by talking to a nearby NPC.
The imperials would come in waves that slowly added more high-level opponents and in much greater numbers, until certain criteria were met and they would withdraw. At the time of withdrawal any player who participated could receive rewards from a chest near the starting NPC. These would be mostly deaspected crystals.

Related to this event was also the second appearance of Alfgar and the first appearance of Roysia - Alfgar in Ul'dah and Roysia in the camp located close to the invasion.

This event involved two Lodestone entries. The first of those, The Empire Strikes First, was obtainable simply by speaking to Alfgar or Roysia. The second required participating in the battles, and is called A Taste of Victory.

The Legatus

Some time after the Empire started invading the level 30 camps, an additional event was added to the Camp Horizon invasion. In it, Legatus Nael Van Darnus would appear with two lackeys right at the camp, asking for any information on the whereabouts of Urianger Augurelt, who he said to be a dangerous heretic. He would appear briefly and demand his information, then head back to his army at the urging of his underlings.

This event was also the first where the players could interact directly with the GM-controlled NPC. It involved no Lodestone entries.

The Reporters

Before the occurrence of the Hunter's Moon event, first Ul'dah and then other cities started getting visits from several reporters of the Mythril Eye, Raven and Harbor Herald. These reporters were Kipih Jakkya, Dural Tharal and Petyr Winsome. They would ask the players what had been happening recently, telling them that they were out to gather information for new articles.

There were no Lodestone entries related to this event.

Imperials in Coerthas

After making an appearance in Bloodshore, Horizon and Tranquil Paths, the imperials this time concentrated their men in Coerthas in Fields of Glory, as well as periodically around the Emerald Moss area in the Black Shroud. The Emerald Moss one had more the nature of a troop in transit, while Fields of Glory station had a commander of the forces, Imperial Pilus Prior, appear if enough of the common troops fell. Their invasions were announced by Hadrian, Bloehyr, Saintrelmaux and Elvide.

There were two Lodestone entries related to this event, Victory Beneath the Canopy for Emerald Moss invasion and Victory in the North for defeating the commander at Fields of Glory.


The Reporters II

The three reporters, Kipih Jakkya, Dural Tharal and Petyr Winsome made a triumphant return, this time with magicked prisms to share with each person who helped them. Initially the interviews were just like before other than the chance to receive an item, but later on the reporters were added as NPCs in each city. Bringing them several slices of mole meat netted you 10 magicked prisms to use or share with your friends.

Using a magicked prism gave you a Lodestone entry related to the reporter's associated publication. The three possible ones were Cooperated with the Mythril Eye, Cooperated with the Harbor Herald and Cooperated with the Raven.

Lambs of Dalamud

With the smaller moon Dalamud becoming increasingly red and big, religious sects started raising their head in Eorzea. One of them was Lambs of Dalamud, and rumors started circulating that they would kidnap and sacrifice people. The event involved signing up through a man who claimed his daughter was kidnapped. Accepting his request to find and help his daughter brought you either to Copperbell Mines Sil'dih Aqueducts or Mistbeard Cove hidden harbor area, both of which were normally unreachable. There you would find Milburh, the 'lost' daughter, who turned out to be a member of the Lambs of Dalamud sect. She would then summon several waves of priests, and finally a high priestess of the sect.

Defeating the high priestess gave you either the Lodestone entry Escape from Sil'dih Aqueducts or Escape from Mistbeard Cove, depending on the location you completed it in.

Imperials and the Lost Journal

With the coming spring, imperials started their activities again. They came in waves, stronger than ever, and landed their strikes in the areas of Bentbranch, Bearded Rock and Black Brush, making their way ever closer to the gates of the three city-states. If enough imperial soldiers were beaten, their leader Imperial Pilus Prior would show up. The soldiers themselves also dropped faded pages, that they carried with them to find writings of the Archon Urianger Augurelt, the pages having been ripped from his journal.
Some time after the imperial invasions begun, Urianger was once again seen in the vicinity of the three states, this time in search of pages from his journal. Any who brought him one were rewarded with warning words from the prophesies about the upcoming storm.

Defeating the imperial Prior in the three locations gave three corresponding Lodestone entries, those of The Gathering Storm: Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah. Furthermore, handing Urianger one of his journal pages gave the entry Fragments of the Truth.

Nightmare of Death

When rumors of an imperial stronghold in Mor Dhona started to spread, some individuals could be heard complaining about nightmares, particularly one in which the legatus Nael Van Darnus comes murder them while the leaders of all city-states lie dead around them in a field of battle.

The dream could be seen if you logged out through an inn room's bed, and seeing it netted you the Lodestone entry Had a nightmare!

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