Final Fantasy XIV Events

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Quite like its predecessor, Final Fantasy XIV features seasonal events (among others) in the duration of a year. The repeatable events usually coincide with real-world celebrations, while one-off events can either tie into the current main story or advertise some other game (usually another FF title).

Seasonal Events

February: Valentione's Day
February/March: Little Ladies' Day
April: Hatching-tide
August: Moonfire Faire (Firefall Faire)
August: The Rising
October: All Saints' Wake
December: Starlight Celebration
December: Heavensturn

One-off Events

December 2011: Winter's Knell (Christmas)
August 2012: Hunter's Moon (Dalamud)
September 2012: Foundation Day (Grand Company foundation anniversary)
November 2013: Lightning Strikes (FF13 crossover)
August 2014: Burgeoning Dread (FF11 crossover)
September 2014: Breaking Brick Mountains (DQ10 crossover)
November 2015: The Maiden's Rhapsody (FF11 crossover)

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