Fields of Valor

Fields of Valor is a type of an activity in Final Fantasy XI. It has you hunt down various monsters - either regular or NMs - in specific areas. There is no level requirement or any prerequisites for Fields of Valor, a new character can participate as soon as they're made.

There are several different kinds of possibilities that fall under the Fields of Valor title. The most common of these is a regular monster-extermination regime, specifying you to kill a certain number of some type(s) of monsters in a certain area in exchange for a reward. The second activity-type is hunting down a specific NM. In addition to these activities, in the Fields of Valor areas regular mobs also have a chance of leaving behind a treasure casket when they die.


Signing up for a Fields of Valor activity is very simple. There are white books titled Field Manuals in the eligible zones, usually located near a zone line. Talking to one of these books will give you the options of signing up for a regular training regime, an elite training regime, or choosing to buy rewards.

One regular training regime can be signed up to once each in-game day. An elite training regime can be signed up to once per real-life day (day changes at Japanese midnight), but this cooldown timer is shared by the cooldown timer of Hunt Registries.
You can only have one regime active at any given time.

Once you sign up for a regime you can go complete it right away. The reward for completion will be given to you automatically upon completion of the registry. Should you for any reason wish to cancel a regime you've signed up to before, you can do so either at a Field Manual by selecting the option that you want to cancel your regime, or by changing your job. No other action will result in the termination of your current regime.

Training Regimes

A Training Regime has you hunt down a specific number of certain mobs. Upon killing a regime-mob you will receive a progress report on how many of them you have killed, up to completing your hunt requirement for that type of mob.

Any given area with a Field Manual will have five different regimes of varying level ranges. For a mob to count towards the regime, it must con Easy Prey or higher.

The rewards for training regimes all follow the same format. You will receive experience points, gil and tabs. The number of experience points and gil gained will be equal, with the number of tabs gained being 10% of that, rounded down. The amount gained is static per page, and usually an area's higher-numbered pages will have higher rewards.

For a list of all training regimes, see Field Manual.

Elite Regimes

An Elite Regime has you hunt down a specific Notorious Monster. To spawn a regime-NM you must first buy a key item from a Field Manual. Then, find the appropriate Field Parchment - trading various items to this parchment will spawn the NM you're after. Note that the reward you will gain for defeating that NM will depend on what you traded.

There are various different chapters of elite regimes, and they each have corresponding Field Parchments. To fight the NM that a Field Parchment spawns, you must be in the party of the adventurer who spawned it, and have the Level Restriction and Confrontation statuses that come along with it. Once spawned, you have 30 minutes to kill the NM. If you die or your time runs out, the NM will fade out and you will lose whatever you traded to the Field Parchment.
Note that if you do die to an Elite Regime NM, you will not lose experience points.

Should you succeed in killing the NM, a casket will spawn that contains your reward. You have three minutes to claim it, after that time the casket will fade out. As mentioned before, the reward gained will depend on what you traded to the Parchment to initiate the fight, although note that what you can trade to initiate the fight depends on the area.
Trading Beastmen's Seals will net you 75 experience points per seal traded, and trading gil will net you twice the amount of gil. For items, the reward will be 1-3 augments on your item. The augment can be single (usually lower) stat or a set of opposing stats (eg +HP and -MP, and usually in higher amounts). Items with the Ex, Rare or Aug tags cannot be traded, as well as enchanted or stackable items, and items with no level requirement.

For a list of all elite regimes, see Field Parchment

Treasure Caskets

A mob that dies in a Fields of Valor area has a chance of leaving behind a treasure casket upon death. A treasure casket can be either blue or brown. Blue caskets give temporary items, they disappear upon use or when you zone, and do not go into your normal inventory. They cannot be traded, and you can only hold one temporary item of a kind at a time.
Brown caskets are locked ones, and when examined give you 3-5 chances at unlocking it. Each time you examine the casket you're given the option of typing in a number to try guess the combination, or gaining a hint as to what the number is. Should you use up all your chances without guessing the right combination the casket will fade away. However, if you guess it right you will gain some of the casket items specific to the area you're in.

Only party members can open or obtain the treasure within a casket, so plan accordingly. For a list of the possible rewards in each area, see Treasure Casket.

Some of the Kupowers can raise the chance of a treasure casket spawning in some areas. See the page for Kupowers for more information.


Tabs are the point-reward system of Fields of Valor. Tabs are won from training regimes, and can be used to sign up for elite regimes or buy Field Support effects.

Field Support

Each Field Manual has the option for Field Support as the last option when talking to the manual. The same options (listed below) are available at each book. The cost of Support does not vary.

Repatriation: Teleport to your home nation, 50 tabs
Reraise: Casts Reraise on you for 120 minutes, 10 tabs
Regen: Casts a non-overwritable 1HP/tick regen for 60 minutes, 20 tabs
Refresh: Casts a non-overwritable 1MP/tick refresh for 60 minutes, 20 tabs
Protect: Casts Protect on you for 30 minutes, 15 tabs
Shell: Casts Shell on you for 30 minutes, 15 tabs
Dried Meat: Food effect for 30 minutes. STR +4, Atk +22% (cap at 63), 50 tabs
Salted Fish: Food effect for 30 minutes. VIT +2, Def +30%, 50 tabs
Hard Cookie: Food effect for 30 minutes. INT +4, MP +30, 50 tabs
Instant Noodles: Food effect for 30 minutes. VIT +1, Store TP +5, HP +27%, 50 tabs

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