FFXIII-2 Minigames

Final Fantasy XIII-2, unlike its direct predecessor, includes several minigames to play and waste time with. Most of these are accessed through Serendipity, a famed casino of dreams where the souls of the (mostly) dead gather to have their fun. The exceptions to these are the two quiz-games Brain Blitz and Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz (found at Academia (4XX AF)), as well as the Mog-enabled minigames Moogle Hunt and Moogle Throw, which span all locations in the game.

There are various other parts of the game that could be categorized as mini-games - such as, for example, the time rift puzzles scattered here and there and Archylte Steppe's changing weather. However, these are part of the story and/or quests, and thus listed along with those instead of on this page.


Chocobo Racing
Serendipity Poker


Serendipity, being the place of gambling, has available quite naturally the gambling minigames of FF13-2. The basic game has two choices available, those of chocobo racing and slots. At chocobo races you can either bring your own chocobo (raised for racing naturally, more on this on the chocobo racing page) or simply gamble away without bothering with bringing your own. The slot machines of Serendipity are just what they're called, slot machines.

Additional Serendipity games are available through the DLC episode Sazh: Heads or Tails. These two are the card games of Serendipity Poker and Chronobind.

The Serendipity location during the game is unlocked in episode 3, part 1 (Prophecy of Hope), after the location Yaschas Massif (1X AF). The DLC Serendipity becomes available left of New Bodhum (3 AF) after buying the Sazh episode.


Brain Blitz
Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz

After reaching Academia (4XX AF) in episode 4 Skyborne Paradise, you gain access to the two quiz minigames. Brain Blitz has three stationary terminals scattered about the city for you to challenge yourself at. Captain Cryptic, however, while always stationary at the Academy headquarters to begin with, can spawn in quite a few various locations around the city afterwards. What makes this challenge more difficult is that every time you either complete one round of quizzes or fail to answer one, he changes location again - and every time, he is out of phase with the local time and must be revealed with Moogle Hunt.


Moogle Hunt
Moogle Throw


Mog, who accompanies Serah and Noel during the story, is quite the treasure-hunter. Among other things, he has the capability to bring into sync with local time items that are out of phase. These items when unrevealed are almost invisible and cannot be opened until Mog brings them to sync. This is known as Moogle Hunt.
Another of his skills is being small and mobile, and thus easy to throw around. This provides a quick and painless way to get out-of-reach treasure. Aside from opening unaccessible treasure spheres and boxes, Mog can also find various unseen items after you improve his abilities.

Moogle Hunt is unlocked during episode 2 Unseen Intruder when you encounter your first out-of-phase item. Moogle Throw is unlocked during episode 3, part 2 Oathbrand, and further improved with a fragment skill. More details on the two moogle abilities are found on their own pages.

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