Crafting in FFXI

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There are a number of crafts adventurers can take up to aid them, be it by gaining gil or making themselves some useful items. Each of these skills have skill levels of their own, and come with official guild tests every 10 levels to prove your worth to the guild masters. It's not possible to gain higher levels after a point if you haven't taken the guild test.

Starting Out

To start crafting, you should join the appropriate guild. It isn't mandatory to begin with, but if you are intending on passing level 10 in any craft, you need to travel to the appropriate guild and join it. Usually there is only one main guild for each craft, in one of the three starting nations. Check the guild's section below for the location of each of the guilds.

To craft, you first need to have the items your target item is crafted from. The quickest way of course is checking the recipe and then gathering the items. Each recipe has a certain skill level. If the recipe's skill level is too far above your own, you will certainly fail the synthesis. The higher you are above the recipe's skill level, the more chance you have of making a high quality or HQ item instead of the NQ - normal quality version. Making an HQ synthesis could mean a +1 version of an item, more of the target item than usual, or even an item named something else entirely.

Once you have prepared the needed items, open your inventory and opt to use the crystal mentioned in the recipe. Each recipe requires exactly one crystal. Using the crystal will open a menu with eight slots. Place the required items in the slots and press OK. You will attempt to execute the synthesis.


Each crystal does something different to the items placed within. In most cases, it is easy to deduce what crystal should be used in the recipe should you forget it, if you know what each crystal does when used. Below are the correspondences of crystals and actions.

In addition to these, each crystals HQ version may be used in crafting. Should you use an HQ crystal for your synth, you can sign the item with your name. In the list below, the HQ crystal has been listed after the crystal.

Fire Crystal / Inferno Crystal - Heat
Earth Crystal / Terra Crystal - Bind
Water Crystal / Torrent Crystal - Dissolve
Wind Crystal / Cyclone Crystal - Carve
Ice Crystal / Glacier Crystal - Congeal
Lightning Crystal / Plasma Crystal - Disintegrate
Light Crystal / Aurora Crystal - Restore
Dark Crystal / Twilight Crystal - Decay

Crafting Level

As you synth items above your level in any craft, you gain levels in that craft. You will not gain levels from making synths that are below or equal to your level.

The highest possible level for a craft is 100, although it is impossible to have more than one craft that high on one character. In fact, between all the eight main crafts, you can have only 40 levels in total over level 60 to distribute among those crafts. What this means that if you have one craft leveled up to 100, the maximum level your other skills can reach is only level 60. Should you so wish, however, the 40 levels can be distributed between crafts - for example, having two crafts at 80 and the rest at the maximum of 60.

Should it happen that you gain a level above 60 in a craft and you have already used up your allocated 40 levels, another one of your high-level crafting skills will delevel.

Fishing is an exception to this rule. While it is also a craft, it works differently from the other crafts, involving no crystals. You can have fishing at level 100 and still use your 40 levels to distribute among the other crafts.

Guild Tests

As you gain levels, you must at intervals of ten levels take a guild test in the appropriate guild to raise your level higher than your current cap. The next guild test can be first taken on a level on which the last digit is eight. This gives you two crafting levels to make or buy the guild test item and turn it in to the appropriate guild master. After reaching a level on which the last digit is zero, you can no longer raise your level until you hand in the item.

The item you must hand in to complete the test varies according to guild and rank you are attempting to reach. However, it will always be something made with a recipe below your current level cap. See below in the appropriate craft's section for the test items of each rank.

Guild Rank

Every span of ten levels has its own rank. That name is your rank in that guild. The ranks and their corresponding levels are listed below. The levels are not exact, but gaining the next rank will depend on when you hand in your test item. The earliest you can have the rank of Novice, for example, is level 28.

Levels 1-10: Amateur
Levels 11-20: Recruit
Levels 21-30: Initiate
Levels 31-40: Novice
Levels 41-50: Apprentice
Levels 51-60: Journeyman
Levels 61-70: Craftsman
Levels 71-80: Artisan
Levels 81-90: Adept
Levels 91-100: Veteran



Guild Location: Bastok Mines
Hours Open: 08.00-23.00
Guild Holiday: Ligthsday

Alchemy Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: Windurst Woods
Hours Open: 08.00-23.00
Guild Holiday: Windsday

Bonecrafting Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: Windurst Woods
Hours Open: 06.00-21.00
Guild Holiday: Firesday

Clothcrafting Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: North Windurst Waters
Hours Open: 05.00-20.00
Guild Holiday: Darksday

Cooking Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: Port Windurst
Hours Open: 03.00-18.00
Guild Holiday: Lightningsday

Fishing Guide (XI)


Guild Location: Bastok Markets
Hours Open: 08.00-23.00
Guild Holiday: Iceday

Goldsmithing Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: Southern San d'Oria
Hours Open: 08.00-18.00
Guild Holiday: Iceday

Leathercrafting Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: Northern San d'Oria, Metalworks
Hours Open: 08.00-23.00
Guild Holiday: Watersday

Smithing Recipes (XI)


Guild Location: Northern San d'Oria
Hours Open: 06.00-21.00
Guild Holiday: Firesday

Woodworking Recipes (XI)

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