Conquest in Final Fantasy XI is the way of determining which of the three nations of San d'Oria, Bastok and Windurst own the various regions present on the continents of Mindartia and Quon as well as the surrounding areas.
Regional control is decided by how much influence the nations and beastmen have in the regions by the end of a Conquest week. One Conquest week is one full real-life week, and the results are tallied each Monday at 0:00 AM JST (Japan Standard Time). This corresponds to every Sunday 3 PM at the time zone GMT+00.

You can check the current status of Conquest at any time by picking the option Regional Info -> Conquest under the main menu, or simply typing in the command /rmap. This will display a map of the Conquest areas with the current controller of every region visible, and regional influence of the moment viewable on mouse-over.


The current mode of Conquest - that is determining the control of the various regions - was set after the Crystal War by the Selbina Pact for Conquest. The original idea came from Archduke Kam'lanaut of Jeuno, who was worried about the prevalence of beastman attacks in the unprotected majority of lands on the two continents. The three nations, exhausted from the recent war efforts and still not quite willing to let go of old griefs with the other nations, were unwilling to send their army to protect these areas. Conquest was born as a result of that, to urge adventurers to take care of the beastman and monster problem instead.

Signing the Selbina Pact of Conquest had the direct consequence of ushering in the Age of Adventurers, a new era that instead of technology, magic or military might, is characterized by the prevalence of adventurers, and them taking over some duties more traditionally held by the various governments.


To participate in Conquest, you must in most cases first gather the Signet status from a Conquest overseer. Identifying a Conquest overseer is easy - in the three nations these are the gate guards identified with two letters after their name. For San d'Oria, this is T.K. (Temple Knight) within the city and R.K. (Royal Knight) outside the city, for Bastok I.M. (Iron Musketeer) and for Windurst W.W. (War Warlock). The option to gain Signet is the first one, "Would you cast Signet upon me?"

Once you have Signet active, you must head to an area with monsters that /check as Easy Prey or above to your character's current job. Killing monsters and gaining experience will net your home nation regional influence in the region you are fighting in. The amount of influence gained will depend how many experience points you gain, who controls the region you are in currently, and your home nation's standing in Conquest that week.
Dying in a region will increase the beastman influence in that region. If the beastman influence is high enough when the Conquest results are tallied, no nation will control that region that week, and the region will instead fall under beastman control.

There are three other ways for a nation to gain influence in a region. First and the simplest of these is trading items to Outpost Vendors to be found at the various Outposts. The other two are Garrison and Expeditionary Force. More about those two on their own pages.


There are various effects regional Conquest and Conquest rank have around Vana'diel. Usually the one of most immediate concern to players is the cost of Regional Teleportation, as well as the ability to teleport from Outposts to home nation, and the ability to refresh your signet status at the various Outposts.

The second major effect players will be concerned about is the vending of regional goods. Each region has a vendor at each of the three nations. However, only one of the three vendors can sell the regional goods each week. This vendor is determined by which nation controls the region that Conquest week.
There is also the Troop Valeriano who only appear in the nation with the highest Conquest rank each week. There are various very useful services the members of Troop Valeriano have, including those of bundling ninjutsu items and arrows together.

A third effect will be the unlocking of supply runs to a region controlled by a nation. Some Garrison and Expeditionary Force aspects are likewise dependent on the Conquest results.

Conquest Points

Naturally, knowing you helped your nation gain control of a region for a week is not the only reward you can obtain through Conquest. The other reward are Conquest Points. Conquest Points or CP are gained the exact same way as gaining influence for your nation in a region - that is, fighting mobs that give experience while you have Signet active.

CP are used to buy several things from the Conquest overseers. Below are listed the item availabilities and their costs. Note that you can buy the items of another nation than your home one if you would be qualified to buy them in your home nation, but the cost will be higher than normally. Your nation must also have higher Conquest rank that week than the nation you are buying from.
The most common prerequisite for buying items is a high enough rank in your home nation. For some items, the nation must be in 2nd or even 1st place in Conquest to be able to buy them.

Common Items

There are no prerequisites to meet before buying these items.

Instant Reraise (500 CP)
Chariot Band (500 CP)
Instant Warp (700 CP)
Empress Band (1,000 CP)
Emperor Band (2,000 CP)
Return Ring (2,500 CP)
Homing Ring (9,000 CP)

San d'Orian Items

Rank 1 (1,000 CP)
Royal Archer's Cesti (2nd, 1st)
Royal Archer's Longbow
Royal Archer's Sword
Royal Footman's Bandana
Royal Footman's Boots
Royal Footman's Gloves
Royal Footman's Tunic (1st)

Rank 2 (2,000 CP)
Royal Footman's Clogs (1st)
Royal Footman's Trousers
Royal Footman's Vest
Royal Spearman's Horn (2nd, 1st)
Royal Spearman's Spear

Rank 3 (4,000 CP)
Royal Squire's Collar
Royal Squire's Dagger (2nd, 1st)
Royal Squire's Halberd
Royal Squire's Helm
Royal Squire's Mace (1st)
Royal Squire's Mufflers
Royal Squire's Sollerets
San d'Orian Ring (1st)

Rank 4 (8,000 CP)
Royal Squire's Breeches
Royal Squire's Chainmail
Royal Squire's Robe (2nd, 1st)
Royal Squire's Shield (1st)
Royal Swordsman's Blade

Rank 5 (16,000 CP)
Royal Knight Army Collar
Royal Knight Army Lance
Royal Knight Army Shield
Royal Knight's Belt (2nd, 1st)
Royal Knight's Cloak (1st)
Royal Knight's Mufflers
Royal Knight's Sollerets
Temple Knight Army Collar
Temple Knight Army Shield
Temple Knight Army Sword

Rank 6 (24,000 CP)
Royal Army Mantle
Royal Guard's Collar
Royal Guard's Fleuret (1st)
Royal Guard's Rod (1st)
Royal Guard's Shield (2nd, 1st)
Royal Guard's Sword (1st)
Royal Knight's Aketon
Royal Knight's Bascinet
Royal Knight's Breeches (1st)
Royal Knight's Chainmail (2nd, 1st)

Rank 7 (32,000 CP)
Grand Knight's Arrow
Grand Knight's Lance (2nd, 1st)
Grand Knight's Ring (1st)

Rank 8 (40,000 CP)
Grand Temple Knight's Bangles (2nd, 1st)
Grand Temple Knight's Collar (1st)
Grand Temple Knight's Gauntlets

Rank 9 (48,000 CP)
Reserve Captain's Greatsword
Reserve Captain's Lance (1st)
Reserve Captain's Mace (2nd, 1st)
Reserve Captain's Pick

Rank 10
Kingdom Aketon (56,000 CP, 1st)
Kingdom Signet Staff (5,000 CP)

Bastokan Items

Rank 1 (1,000 CP)
Legionnaire's Axe
Legionnaire's Cap
Legionnaire's Crossbow
Legionnaire's Knuckles
Legionnaire's Leggings
Legionnaire's Mittens
Legionnaire's Scythe (1st)
Legionnaire's Staff (2nd, 1st)

Rank 2 (2,000 CP)
Decurion's Dagger (2nd, 1st)
Decurion's Hammer
Decurion's Shield (1st)
Legionnaire's Harness
Legionnaire's Subligar

Rank 3 (4,000 CP)
Bastokan Ring (1st)
Centurion's Axe
Centurion's Cuisses
Centurion's Finger Gauntlets
Centurion's Greaves
Centurion's Scale Mail
Centurion's Sword (2nd, 1st)
Centurion's Visor
Legionnaire's Circlet (1st)
Republican Bronze Medal

Rank 4 (8,000 CP)
Iron Musketeer's Armet
Iron Musketeer's Gambison (2nd, 1st)
Iron Musketeer's Gauntlets
Iron Musketeer's Sabatons
Junior Musketeer's Chakram (1st)
Junior Musketeer's Tuck

Rank 5 (16,000 CP)
Iron Musketeer's Cuisses
Iron Musketeer's Cuirass
Musketeer Gun (1st)
Musketeer's Pole (2nd, 1st)
Musketeer's Sword
Republican Iron Medal

Rank 6 (24,000 CP)
Iron Musketeer's Gorget (1st)
Musketeer Commander's Falchion (2nd, 1st)
Musketeer Commander's Rod (1st)
Musketeer Commander's Shield (2nd, 1st)
Republican Army Mantle
Republican Mythril Medal

Rank 7 (32,000 CP)
Gold Musketeer's Bolt
Gold Musketeer's Ring (1st)
Gold Musketeer's Uchigatana (2nd, 1st)

Rank 8 (40,000 CP)
Republican Gold Medal (1st)
Praefectus's Gloves
Presidential Hairpin (2nd, 1st)

Rank 9 (48,000 CP)
Senior Gold Musketeer's Axe (2nd, 1st)
Senior Gold Musketeer's Rod
Senior Gold Musketeer's Scimitar (1st)
Senior Gold Musketeer's Scythe

Rank 10
Republic Aketon (56,000 CP, 1st)
Republic Signet Staff (5,000 CP)

Windurstian Items

Rank 1 (1,000 CP)
Freesword's Baghnakhs
Freesword's Bow
Freesword's Club
Freesword's Slops (2nd, 1st)
Freesword's Staff (1st)

Rank 2 (2,000 CP)
Mercenary's Gi
Mercenary's Greatsword (1st)
Mercenary's Hachimaki
Mercenary's Knife (2nd, 1st)
Mercenary's Kyahan
Mercenary's Pole
Mercenary's Sitabaki
Mercenary's Tekko

Rank 3 (4,000 CP)
Mercenary Captain's Belt (1st)
Mercenary Captain's Doublet
Mercenary Captain's Gaiters
Mercenary Captain's Gloves
Mercenary Captain's Headgear
Mercenary Captain's Hose
Mercenary Captain's Kukri (2nd, 1st)
Mercenary Captain's Scythe
Windurstian Ring (1st)

Rank 4 (8,000 CP)
Combat Caster's Axe (1st)
Combat Caster's Boomerang
Combat Caster's Cloak
Combat Caster's Dagger
Combat Caster's Mitts
Combat Caster's Scimitar (2nd, 1st)
Combat Caster's Shoes
Combat Caster's Slacks
Green Scarf

Rank 5 (16,000 CP)
Paisley Scarf
Tactician Magician's Coat
Tactician Magician's Cuffs
Tactician Magician's Espadon
Tactician Magician's Hat (2nd, 1st)
Tactician Magician's Hooks (1st)
Tactician Magician's Pigaches
Tactician Magician's Slops
Tactician Magician's Wand (2nd, 1st)

Rank 6 (24,000 CP)
Checkered Scarf
Federal Army Mantle
Wise Wizard's Anelace (1st)
Wise Wizard's Bilbo (1st, 2nd)
Wise Wizard's Staff (1st, 2nd)

Rank 7 (32,000 CP)
Patriarch Protector's Arrow
Patriarch Protector's Ring (1st)
Patriarch Protector's Shield (2nd, 1st)

Rank 8 (40,000 CP)
Master Caster's Bracelets (2nd, 1st)
Master Caster's Mitts
Windurstian Scarf (1st)

Rank 9 (48,000 CP)
Master Caster's Baghnakhs (2nd, 1st)
Master Caster's Bow
Master Caster's Knife (1st)
Master Caster's Pole

Rank 10
Federation Aketon (56,000 CP, 1st)
Federation Signet Staff (5,000 CP)

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