Adventurer Squadrons (XIV)

Adventurer Squadrons is a feature of the Grand Companies. Once you have reached the rank of Second Lieutenant within your Grand Company, you can pick up and complete the quest Squadron and Commander, which unlocks the Adventurer Squadron feature.

It is required to complete the level 40 squadron mission Crystal Recovery in order for you to gain the rank of First Lieutenant within your GC. Promotion beyond Second Lieutenant is not possible without doing this.


Squadrons can consist of up to eight soldiers, but must consist of at least four to be usable. By default, you're given three soldiers already recruited to your squadron, although these can later be dismissed if you wish to do so.

Note that enlistment happens by the recruit's initiative only, and potential recruits only send in their enlistment papers once you have fulfilled certain requirements. All of these requirements are tied to completing Challenge Log challenges, which means there is only a certain number of enlistment papers it is possible to get every week until the Challenge Log resets. When examining the details of a potential recruit, they will offer a 'reason for enlistment' that will let you know how you unlocked this recruit. Half the potential recruits will only be triggered by one of the categories exclusively, but the other half can be triggered through Gold Saucer as well as another category. Note that you won't receive new enlistment papers each time you complete a Challenge Log challenge. The rate at which new papers arrive can be increased by using a Squadron Enlistment Manual.

Challenge Log Category Reason for Enlistment
Dungeons I was inspired by your countless deeds of heroism.
Grand Company
To serve both my Grand Company and my fellow Eorzeans as bravely as you do.
PVP To challenge the limits of my abilities as you challenge yours.
FATEs I wish to emulate your calm and resourcefulness in the face of chaos.
DoH I wish to serve under an officer whose hands can create as well as destroy.
Treasure Hunt
I would follow a commander who appreciates the blessings of nature.
Gold Saucer I wish to serve under an officer who can balance work and play.

Once you have the enlistment papers of at least one potential recruit, you can enter the barracks of your Grand Company from within the GC's headquarters, and examine the enlistment papers at your desk. This will give you the opportunity to review the details of each recruit and decide whether or not to enlist them.

Once your squadron is full, you can only enlist new recruits by dismissing a previous member. You do not necessarily have to dismiss a member before finding a new recruit you want to enlist, you can do the dismissing from the interface at the same time as you enlist the new one. When undecided whether you want to keep a potential recruit or not, you can postpone your decision, but this will leave you unable to view any further enlistment papers until you decide on the postponed recruit.

Finally, note that any new recruits join at the average level of all your squadron members. If you want to enlist people at higher levels, you must first level up your existing soldiers.


There are a total of 60 different potential recruits to choose from for your squadron, 10 for each race. Of these 10, half are male and half are female, and half are one tribe and half the other. The race and appearance of a recruit are set, but each comes with a default class that can be changed by using certain items. Most also have class-dependant equipment that changes to higher-level ones as they level up, although there are a certain few that have set equipment as well.

Note that your recruits won't have regular player-stats, but instead have three stats of their own - Physical, Mental and Tactical. Tanks are the best at Physical, mages at Mental, and archers and lancers at Tactical. Each recruit also has one slot for a squadron chemistry ability. Squadron chemistry is gained at random via participation in missions, there is no other way to gain them. They must be confirmed to activate even once a recruit gains a potential squadron chemistry ability, and can be rewritten in the same way - only by gaining a new type of squadron chemistry via a mission and then activating it.

Note also that in addition to each recruit's inherent stats, dependant on their class, your squadron also has up to 200 points that can be distributed between the three stats. Redistribution of stats can be done at any time you have training sessions remaining for the day.

Name Race Tribe Gender Home Class Unique Gear? Unlock
Awayuki Au Ra Raen F Far East CNJ - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company
Kumokiri Au Ra Raen F Far East GLD - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company
Khorchi Au Ra Xaela F Far East PGL Y Gold Saucer
Samga Au Ra Xaela F Far East ACN - FATEs, Gold Saucer
Toragana Au Ra Xaela F Far East ARC - Dungeons, Gold Saucer
Baien Au Ra Raen M Far East THM - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company
Raiden Au Ra Raen M Far East PGL Y Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company
Saiun Au Ra Raen M Far East MRD - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company
Begter Au Ra Xaela M Far East ROG - DoL, Treasure Hunt, Gold Saucer
Elchi Au Ra Xaela M Far East LNC - DoH, Gold Saucer
Ceaulie Elezen Wildwood F Old Gridania ARC - FATEs
Jolaine Elezen Wildwood F Greentear MRD - FATEs
Crilde Elezen Duskwight F Hawthorne Hut ROG Y Gold Saucer
Rivienne Elezen Duskwight F The Honey Yard CNJ - Dungeons, Gold Saucer
Sofine Elezen Duskwight F Mun-Tuy Cellars ARC - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company, Gold Saucer
Labonrit Elezen Wildwood M Bentbranch Meadows THM - FATEs
Meuliaire Elezen Wildwood M Quarrymill ROG Y FATEs
Pagneul Elezen Wildwood M Old Gridania LNC - FATEs
Delboisse Elezen Duskwight M Fallgourd Float GLD - PVP, Gold Saucer
Teulzacq Elezen Duskwight M Fallgourd Float PGL - DoH, Gold Saucer
Cecily Hyur Midlander F Lavender Beds CNJ - PVP
Chrysabel Hyur Midlander F Lost Hope PGL - PVP
Auelin Hyur Highlander F Ceruleum Processing Plant ARC - DoH, Gold Saucer
Cilia Hyur Highlander F Pearl Lane THM Y Gold Saucer
Ellice Hyur Highlander F The Goblet GLD - DoL, Treasure Hunt, Gold Saucer
Dolfin Hyur Midlander M Onyx Lane THM Y PVP
Huebald Hyur Midlander M Moraby Drydocks MRD - PVP
Morel Hyur Midlander M Camp Tranquil ACN - PVP
Alimahus Hyur Highlander M Crescent Cove ROG - Dungeons, Gold Saucer
Hroch Hyur Highlander M Sea of Spires LNC - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company, Gold Saucer
Kelmomo Lalafell Plainsfolk F Mist MRD Y DoH
Liliba Lalafell Plainsfolk F Wineport CNJ - DoH
Tewawa Lalafell Plainsfolk F Three-malm Bend ACN - DoH
Sasashu Lalafell Dunesfolk F Drybone LNC - PVP, Gold Saucer
Totodi Lalafell Dunesfolk F Silver Bazaar PGL - DoL, Treasure Hunt, Gold Saucer
Mujen Polajen Lalafell Plainsfolk M Candlekeep Quay ROG - DoH
Nunulupa Tatalupa Lalafell Dunesfolk M Summerford Farms THM - DoH
Mumutano Lalafell Dunesfolk M Stonesthrow GLD - FATEs, Gold Saucer
Nanasomi Lalafell Dunesfolk M Ruby Road Exchange ARC - Guildhests, Gold Saucer
Seserikku Lalafell Dunesfolk M Horizon MRD Y Gold Saucer
E'ptolmi Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun F Bronze Lake ARC Y DoL, Treasure Hunt
J'ludaba Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun F Moraby Drydocks ACN - DoL, Treasure Hunt
V'nbolo Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun F Zephyr Drift ARC - DoL, Treasure Hunt
Oah Nelhah Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon F Jadeite Thick PGL - FATEs, Gold Saucer
Yehn Amariyo Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon F New Gridania GLD - DoH, Gold Saucer
B'benha Tia Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun M Summerford LNC - DoL, Treasure Hunt
D'fhul Tia Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun M The Grey Fleet CNJ - DoL, Treasure Hunt
Gota'a Panipahr Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon M Hyrstmill THM - Dungeons, Gold Saucer
Kehda'to Moui Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon M New Gridania ARC Y Gold Saucer
Ziuz'a Jakkya Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon M Bentbranch ROG - PVP, Gold Saucer
Inghilswys Roegadyn Sea Wolf F Raincatcher Gully Docks LNC - Dungeons
Koenbryda Roegadyn Sea Wolf F Moraby Drydocks GLD - Dungeons
Raelthota Roegadyn Sea Wolf F Open Sea - Pirate Vessel ACN Y Dungeons
Careless Whisper Roegadyn Hellsguard F Wellwick Wood ROG - Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company, Gold Saucer
Fearless Fawn Roegadyn Hellsguard F Highbridge ARC - PVP, Gold Saucer
Hastaloeya Roegadyn Sea Wolf M Red Rooster Stead MRD - Dungeons
Rhylharr Roegadyn Sea Wolf M Raincatcher Gully PGL - Dungeons
Callous Steed Roegadyn Hellsguard M Vesper Bay THM - DoL, Treasure Hunt, Gold Saucer
Gnawing Goat Roegadyn Hellsguard M Golden Bazaar CNJ - FATEs, Gold Saucer
Raging Ox Roegadyn Hellsguard M Sapphire Avenue Exchange ACN Y Gold Saucer


By default, your squadron members will start out at level 1. Each member gains experience by participating in squadron missions, although note that missions only give experience to members who actually participated. If you want to train your squadron members' levels equally, you can pick the 'training' option instead. Note also that if some of your soldiers are currently out on a mission, they won't gain the benefits of any training sessions you complete in the meanwhile.

Each mission and training session takes a certain amount of time to complete. Training sessions last for 1 Earth-hour each, and you can complete up to three training sessions per day, resetting at 20.00 (GMT). They will always net a static amount of experience.

Training sessions are initiated via the noticeboard on the wall by your desk and are free. In addition to setting up training sessions, the noticeboard also allows you to manage your squadron, including dismissing old members and verifying new squadron chemistry abilities.

Note for the different types of stat-redistribution sessions, that if the required amount of reduced points isn't available in a certain stat, the other reduced stat will be further reduced instead. It is unknown what happens if there aren't enough stats to reduce - most likely you will either be unable to take on the training session or the stat gain will be reduced to be equal to the reduction.

Session Effect Exp
Physical Phys +40, Ment -20, Tact -20 2,000
Mental Ment +40, Phys -20, Tact -20 2,000
Tactical Tact +40, Phys -20, Ment -20 2,000
Physical/Mental Phys +20, Ment +20, Tact -40 2,000
Physical/Tactical Phys +20, Tact +20, Ment -40 2,000
Mental/Tactical Ment +20, Tact +20, Phys -40 2,000
Balanced - 3,000


Missions are the main activity that can be done with squadrons. You will have a set of missions to choose from by default, but by reaching certain levels and completing special flagged missions you can unlocked missions of further difficulty. Each mission will reward a certain amount of experience points and may have some other reward. Note that each mission also costs a certain amount of GC seals to participate in, so be sure to be stocked up. Missions last 18 Earth hours in general, although the very first available mission only lasts 1 Earth hour. Each mission can only be completed once each week, resetting every Tuesday at 8.00 (GMT).

Missions require a minimum of four squadron members to participate. You must enlist more recruits if you don't have this amount. Note also that for training and detail-changing purposes, any member that is currently out on a mission is considered unavailable. They will not gain any experience from training sessions completed while they are out on a mission, and their job and chemistry cannot be changed until they return.

There are also other factors that are considered when determining whether or not a mission succeeds. The first of these is level. At least one participating member must be of the missions required level, otherwise it will fail. However, do note that a mission isn't guaranteed to succeed until all members are of the required level, and the participating members' combined stats equal or exceed that of the mission's requirements. This is the second requirement, and even one combined stat failing to equal or exceed that of the mission's requirement will greatly lower your chances of success. Considering that it can be a little costly to participate in missions, it is recommended that you aspire to have as many stats fulfilling requirements as possible, and have a good diverse job distribution in your squadron to be able to do so. Note that the stat requirements for missions aren't set in stone, they are randomized each week when mission completion resets, so if you're unable to complete a mission one week you may have more luck on another.

In the list below, flagged missions that are unlocked by having one member reach the required level are marked with a * before their name. These are the missions that will unlock the next batch of missions.

Trainee Missions
Name Lv Rewards
City Patrol 1 5,000 exp
Military Courier 1 5,000 exp
Outskirts Patrol 1 6,000 exp
Beastmen Recon 5 7,000 exp
Supply Wagon Escort 10 8,000 exp
Pest Eradication 15 9,000 exp, Squadron Enlistment Manual
*Voidsent Elimination 20 14,000 exp, Contemporary Warfare Defense
Routine Missions
Name Lv Rewards
Frontline Support 20 10,000 exp
Officer Escort 20 11,000 exp
Border Patrol 25 13,000 exp
Stronghold Recon 30 15,000 exp
Search and Rescue 35 17,000 exp
Allied Maneuvers 35 18,000 exp, Squadron Enlistment Manual
*Crystal Recovery 40 20,000 exp
Priority Missions
Name Lv Rewards
Black Market Crackdown 40 20,000 exp, Gold Saucer VIP Card x5
Chimerical Elimination 40 20,000 exp, Priority Aetheryte Pass x5
Criminal Pursuit 40 20,000 exp, Squadron Rationing Manual x5
Imperial Feint 40 20,000 exp, Squadron Engineering Manual x5
Imperial Pursuit 40 20,000 exp, Squadron Survival Manual x5
Imperial Recon 40 20,000 exp, Squadron Battle Manual x5
Stronghold Assault 40 20,000 exp, Priority Seal Allowance x5
Supply Line Disruption 40 20,000 exp, Squadron Spiritbonding Manual x5
Supply Wagon Destruction 40 20,000 exp, Squadron Gear Maintenance Manual x5

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