Activities in FFVIIR

This page presents the various types of extra content in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Note that all sidequests (as well as Discoveries) are listed on the Chapters page.


The Remake features several types of fighting subquests. The portable VR missions are available wherever Chadley can be found, but the two others are tied to specific physical locations, and can only be accessed in chapters where those locations are available.

Portable VR Missions
Corneo Colosseum
Combat Simulator Missions


The game includes various types of minigames, some of which are required for story progression and some not. Not all are available by default however, some are unlocked through sidequests and some can only be accessed at appropriate parts of the main story.

Motorcycle Chase
Squats and Pull-ups
Dance Performance


Under this header are other types of content included in the game, mainly the various collectibles.

Battle Intel Reports
Music Disks

Bridal Outfits

Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith all wear an alternate outfit in Chapter 9. There are three alternate outfits for each, and which you get depends on your actions and choices in the previous chapters. Obtaining each of the dresses is both an achievement and recorded in the play log.

Tifa's Dresses

  • Dark blue deep-cut dress: in Chapter 3, complete all sidequests to trigger the Discovery Alone At Last, and pick the 'mature' option when prompted. This is also her default dress, and as such can be obtained simply by skipping the sidequests as well
  • Black leopard-print cheongsam: in ch3 trigger the Discovery Alone At Last, and pick the 'sporty' option when prompted
  • Short black kimono: in ch3 trigger the Discovery Alone At Last, and pick the 'exotic' option when prompted

Aerith's Dresses

  • Short light pink dress: skip sidequests in Chapter 8
  • Long dark pink dress: complete 3 sidequests at minimum in ch8
  • Fancy red dress: complete all 6 sidequests in ch8

Cloud's Dresses

  • Basic black dress: skip sidequests in ch9, whichever set you get
  • Black dress with blue corset: complete sidequests given by Chocobo Sam. To get this set of side quests, you must complete the Discovery Vagabond Johnny and answer 'Yeah' to his question
  • Purple dress with tiara: complete sidequests given by Madam M. To get this set of side quests, you must either ignore the Discovery Vagabond Johnny, or answer 'No' to his question

Johnny Questline

Appearances of Johnny take place over a variety of chapters, and all must be completed to gain an achievement for it.

Chapter 3
The full Johnny questline in ch3 is part of the main story, you literally cannot miss it. If you want more context, look for Johnny's parents by their house after the mandatory events, and at the Sector 7 Slums train station in Chapter 5, but these are not mandatory.

Chapter 9
The entire Johnny quest line is missable. You must follow the Discovery Vagabond Johnny, and after talking to him by the Honeybee Inn you must answer 'Yeah' to his question. Doing anything else will cause you to get a different set of sidequests that do not include Johnny.
For further context, you might want to find Johnny's father at the inn - but again, this is not mandatory for the achievement.

Note that both the Johnny quests and the regular quests in ch9 have manuscript rewards in Hard difficulty.

Chapter 14
The final piece of the puzzle comes through sidequests. The relevant one, Tomboy Bandit, is started at the Sector 5 Slums train station by talking to Johnny. Follow the quest to its conclusion. This will trigger the Discovery Johnny's Stolen Wallet. You must in fact complete the Discovery by returning Johnny's wallet to him to get the achievement.

Ch14 Resolutions

There is a certain scene in Chapter 14 that has the chance to go three different ways depending on who is the highest in your character compatibility scores, depending on the choices you make and the sidequests you complete before that point. Viewing the different possibilities of this scene is recorded in your play log, although note that there is no achievement for it.

The scene in question takes place at the very start of the chapter, allowing you to easily check if you've reached the conditions for any particular scene. Once you've seen the scene you were aiming for, be sure to complete ch14 to preserve its appearance in your play log. If you change chapters midway the game will not keep a record that you've seen it.

Note that all conditions don't have to be completed exactly as listed to gain any particular scene. Completion (or skipping) of sidequests seems to be weighted most heavily.

Tifa's Scene

  • Complete all sidequests in Chapter 3, skip sidequests in ch8
  • Accept Tifa's drink in ch3, refuse Aerith's flower in ch2
  • Describe Tifa as being in great shape in Chapter 9 to Chocobo Sam, be indifferent to Aerith's dress in the same chapter
  • Talk to Tifa first at the start of Chapter 10

Aerith's Scene

  • Complete all sidequests in Chapter 8, skip sidequests in ch3
  • Accept Aerith's flower in Chapter 2, refuse Tifa's drink in ch3
  • Praise Aerith's dress in ch9, earlier in the same chapter describe Tifa as being a good accountant to Chocobo Sam
  • Talk to Aerith first at the start of ch10

Barret's Scene

  • Skip sidequests in both ch3 and ch8
  • Refuse Aerith's flower in ch2 and Tifa's drink in ch3
  • Describe Tifa as an accountant in ch9 and be indifferent to Aerith's dress

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