Activities in Brave Exvius

This page presents the various PVP and sidequest-type activities in FF Brave Exvius. While one could expect otherwise, the game has quite a few little features to spice up gameplay.


The gameplay of FFBE is heavily involved with questing. Not only is the main story basically a series of quests, but there is also sidequests (known as missions) to pick up in every town as well as in some dungeons, and there are also various small tasks to do within the locations for extra Lapis and other items. Note that to view the tasks present in each location you should check out the location's page. Note also that the main story quests and the related exploration dungeons cannot be found on the below page which lists sidequests, please view the page of the appropriate area on the Lapis world page to find out main quest data.

Missions (Sidequests)


There are two types of tournament gameplay in FFBE. The first of these is Coliseum, a place to pit your strongest teams against various strong monsters. Clearing tiers at the Coliseum nets you various strong prizes dependent on the rank, and you can keep on challenging it to earn more Coliseum points. The second type is Arena, a place within the Farplane that allows you to challenge yourself of alternate realities - that is, challenge other players and their Arena teams. There are weekly and monthly Arena tournaments with various prizes for placing well in the ranking, and for beating opponents you also gain tickets to draw from the Arena gacha.
You can set a default team for both Coliseum and Arena from settings.



Fat Chocobo


In various hidden chests around the world and as a rare drop from Cactoids you can find Star Quartz. These rare stones can be exchanged for various goods ranging from very good to extremely good, as long as you have the quartz required. The person after the quartz is the Fat Chocobo, hidden in various towns. Each Fat Chocobo has a different selection of goods up for exchange.
Note that you can also gain Star Quartz through various other means, such as Medal rewards and event currency exchange. Be sure not to miss an opportunity to stock up, as star quartz is always in need.

Marlo Village
Forest to the left, take a long route from lower left corner of the map
5 Star Quartz - Phoenix Down
10 Star Quartz - Healing Staff
20 Star Quartz - Black Garb
30 Star Quartz - Light Armlet

Forest at the bottom of the town, head right from the chocobo stables
5 Star Quartz - Elixir
20 Star Quartz - Star Pendant
20 Star Quartz - Silver Spectacles
20 Star Quartz - Headband
20 Star Quartz - White Cape
20 Star Quartz - Black Choker
20 Star Quartz - Gold Anklet
30 Star Quartz - Black Belt
40 Star Quartz - Rune Armlet
50 Star Quartz - Earring

In the cave to the north, go through right wall to get to upper level and then take ladder down
300 Star Quartz - Trust Moogle ★5 (limit 1)
200 Star Quartz - Equip Rods
50 Star Quartz - Force Shield
5 Star Quartz - Elixir
5 Star Quartz - Phoenix Down

Destroyed Town
In the north-west corner, head through the wall into the forest area and head up
300 Star Quartz - Trust Moogle ★5 (limit 1)
200 Star Quartz - Man-eater (limit 1)
100 Star Quartz - Holy Lance (limit 1)
20 Star Quartz - Armlet of Exorcism
5 Star Quartz - Elixir
5 Star Quartz - Phoenix Down

Hidden Mage Village
300 Star Quartz - Trust Moogle ★5 (limit 1)
200 Star Quartz - Auto-Refresh (limit 1)
100 Star Quartz - Cat-ear Hood (limit 1)
50 Star Quartz - Safety Bit (limit 1)
5 Star Quartz - Elixir
5 Star Quartz - Phoenix Down

Duggle Town
300 Star Quartz - Trust Moogle ★5 (limit 1)
200 Star Quartz - Curaja (limit 1)
100 Star Quartz - Genji Shield (limit 1)
50 Star Quartz - Wyvern Horn (limit 1)
5 Star Quartz - Elixir
5 Star Quartz - Phoenix Down

Moogle Town
300 Star Quartz - Trust Moogle ★5 (limit 1)
200 Star Quartz - Equip Instruments (limit 1)
100 Star Quartz - Rod of Trials (limit 1)
50 Star Quartz - Manafont (limit 1)
5 Star Quartz - Elixir
5 Star Quartz - Phoenix Down

Raven Treasures

Once you arrive in Grandshelt City, you can unlock a sidequest to find keys that can be exchange for various treasures at one of the safety deposit box establishments around the world. Note that you cannot move forward in the quest unless you first find all of one type of key, so be sure to keep up with the quest. Until the Aurora step, even the keys of the next type cannot be found until you've finished with the last step.
Note that there are also various different quests that relate to the Shadow Raven, but this section does not present them in detail. Please see above in Quests for the full list of quests.

Key Lists (see each key's own page for lists of all the numbered keys and their locations)
Earth Key
Gale Key
Firewheel Key
Aurora Key
Jet Black Key

Unlock Earth Keys: Pendant Dependent / Grandshelt City
Earth Keys Safety Deposit Boxes: Grandshelt City right side
Collect All Earth Keys: Thief's Bracer

Unlock Gale Keys: obtain Earth Key 21, enter Dilmagia City and find the Vault by heading directly forward from the entrance and taking the door up when you can no longer go forward
Collect All Gale Keys: Air Knife

Unlock Firewheel Keys: obtain Gale Key 4, enter Soldad City and find the Vault first by entering the pub far to the left of the entrance, then heading through the hidden door behind the counter, and in the basement room heading to the only other exist there
Collect All Firewheel Keys: Germinas Boots

Unlock Aurora Keys: obtain Firewheel Key 10, and find the Vault by taking the first (newly appeared) exit after entering Mysidia
Collect All Aurora Keys: Apocalypse

Unlock Jet Black Keys: after unlocking Aurora Keys, complete quest The Phantom Spirit? in Ruins of the Fallen, then the quest Bonds Are Eternal in Golonoir Temple (Outer). Then, after reaching the latter part of the Golonoir main story, talk to mystery-obsessed young man in Darug Town, find the moogle in Ragurus Underground Tunnel, complete the quest Memories of Younger Days in Mysidia, and finally head to Gabellada Town's underground area, enter the house in the north-western corner and find the Vault behind the newly-opened door
Collect All Jet Black Keys: Galmia Frock



The game has various Espers to pick up, although only Siren is part of the main story. For the others, you are going to have to find your way to them yourself. They range in difficulty from simply taking a ship from town to an optional town to following a complicated non-listed sidequest to get enough info to find the location of the Esper.

Note that after reaching max level, an Esper can be further evolved. To do this, head to the location you initially formed a contract with them. A new battle will have opened up. Defeat this battle to instantly evolve the Esper to next rank. Note that just like characters, they will start the new rank back at level 1, but still in possession of all their abilities from last rank.

Currently, the max rank an Esper can have is ★★.

Location: Siren's Tower / Grandshelt Archipelago
Find: accessed through the main story

Location: Flamewind Cave / Grandshelt Archipelago
Find: talk to man northeast of the harbor in Port Ohdol and then exit to the world map. To access Port Ohdol, head back to Port Lohdin after leaving for Lanzelt in the main story, and take the ship that wasn't in action before

Location: Zadehl Desert South / Lanzelt
Find: there's a dying man in Zadehl Desert West, south-west of the biggest monster bones and south-east of the oasis. Find him and bring him water from the oasis, and then exit to the world map to find Zadehl South

Location: Lanzelt Snow Mountain / Lanzelt
Find: defeat Frost Dragon in Snow Wolf's Fang, and instead of taking the exit right in front of you, head north-east for a newly opened secondary exit. Note that using the exit requires defeating the Frost Dragon boss there

Location: Thunder Peak / Kolobos Island
Find: head to Nashat and talk to the woman in front of the Item Shop, and then talk to the old woman in Ability Shop. After that, talk to the old man at the Chocobo Stables and clear the Judgment Bolt quest. After, exit to the world map to find the Thunder Peak

Location: Demon Mountain / Dirnado
Find: go to the highest point of Dilmagia City and talk to the mother and son. Exit to the world map to find the Demon Mountain

Location: Carbuncle's Forest / Ordellion
Find: after clearing the Temple of Water. Enter Amur, head down and take the first ladder up. Talk to the man in front of the house. Then head to the north edge of the town and enter the cave, defeat the event battle with two Iguion, then head into the cave to talk to Carbuncle. After, go back to south edge of town to talk to the man, and then exit the town to the world map to find Carbuncle's Forest

Location: Rotting Ancient Castle / Soldad
Find: talk to man in front of the castle in Soldad City

Location: Titan's Cave / Mysidia
Find: after clearing Mysidia Tower, head to Mysidian Underground and talk to the hidden black mage, then in the newly unlocked Hidden Mage Village talk to the two conversing men in the chocobo stables. Exit to the world map to find Titan's Cave

Location: Masterless Castle (Inner) / Golonoir
Find: talk to men in Darug Town and Gabellada about the goddess, exit to world map to find Masterless Castle (Inner)

Tetra Sylpheed
Location: Sylph Cave / Land of the Crystals
Find: clear Cloudsea in Dusk exploration. Then, enter Phantom Town and follow the event by the central crystal. Finally, enter Cloudsea again and choose to continue after defeating the boss. There will be a new event at the exit that unlocks the Sylph Cave

Location: Eternity Peak / Sphere of the Dragon King
Find: fully clear chapter 7. After, enter Zoldaad and talk to Evan. Note that to fight the real Bahamut, you must first hunt down a Shadow of Bahamut at the Sphere of the Dragon King and receive the Rat Tail that it drops. Challenging Bahamut once requires one Rat Tail, if you fail you need another one.

Sealed Beasts

There are various non-quest boss monsters found within the Spirit World where the moogles live. As the Crystals break, the barriers within the elemental towers break, and more and more monsters are unsealed with them. Note that defeating the last boss is the requirement for the next one to appear. Once you have defeated a boss in the Spirit World, you can challenge it again in the Hall of Advent, but you cannot get the reward again.

These battles do not cost any stamina, and you cannot bring a friend unit along.

Boss Reward Place
White Dragon Murasame Barrier Tower of Earth
Devil Chimera Force Armor Barrier Tower of Earth
Brachioraidos Killer Bow Barrier Tower of Earth

In addition to the beasts sealed within the Spirit World, there are also various bosses you can challenge in the Hall of Descent in the Dimensional Rift. These bosses can be challenged again and again, and can be beaten in any order you wish to, but note that as with the Barrier Tower bosses you can only get the reward once.

While these bosses do cost stamina to challenge and you can bring a friend character as well, you cannot use a Continue if you fail but must instead start all over again.

Boss Reward Energy Cost
Sleeping Lion Enhancer 20
1: Metal Gigantuar
2: Bomb x3, Balloon x3
3: Io, Searcher
4: Architeuth, Tentacle x3
5: Greater Demon
Wizard Rod 25
Antenora (Flower, Vine, Root, Leaf) Thorned Mace 30
Two-headed Dragon Grand Helm 35
1: Killer Mantis, Belmodar
2: Ochu, Minichu
3: Roper, Yellow Jelly, Green Slime, Red Marshmallow
4: Hell's Harrier, Blaze Swordsman
5: Architeuth
6: Terror Knight
7: Chimera, Antlion
8: Wyvern, Wandering One
9: Europe, Searcher
Wizard Rod 25
Gilgamesh ATK+30%, Flair - Tenka Gomen, Genji Blade 40
Dark Ifrit, Dark Siren Master Greatsword, Siren's Robes, Ifrit's Claws 40
Ultros, Typhon 1: various items
2: various items
3: Master Rod, Windstorm Acid Rain, Hero's Shield
1: 10
2: 20
3: 40
Aigaion (Right Arm, Left Arm) 1: various items
2: various items
3: Master H2H, World Crumbling, Aigaion's Arm
1: 10
2: 20
3: 50
Bloody Moon, Aqua Apostle, Ice Apostle, Thunder Apostle, Flame Apostle, Earth Apostle, Wind Apostle, Dark Apostle, Light Apostle 1: various items
2: various items
3: Master Staff, Lunatic Sabbath, Glory of Evil
1: 10
2: 20
3: 50

Sealed Weapons

Below the palace at the Farplane are twelve legendary weapons that have been sealed away. One by one, these seals can now be broken by defeating the monster that appears by the weapon.

Weapon Monster
Apollo's Harp Erinyes

Trials of the Strong-hearted

These one-time quests provide various strong equipment for the main story characters. They can be found in the Dimensional Vortex. Note that the rewards are only rewarded once, and you cannot use continues in them.

Character Enemies Rewards
Rain Don Chu, Don Microchu x4 Crimson Saber, Rain's Clothes, Rain's Medal
Lasswell Icemist Fencer Shirai, Lasswell's Clothes, Lasswell's Medal
Fina Erygos Fina's Bow, Fina's Clothes, Fina's Hairpin

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