残心 [zanshin] or 'continued alertness' in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: May attack again immediately after missing a target
Other: can proc after missed melee attack or one evaded through shadows or countered, can't activate on missed weapon skills, gains +25% proc rate when under Hasso, gains +25% proc rate as counter when under Seigan, normally has no TP gain but Ikishoten adds it
Other: can be modified by merits, Hasso, Seigan, Ikishoten and various equipment
Other: the Blue Magic spells that give trait points for this ability are Final Sting (4) and Whirl of Rage (4)

Zanshin I
Learn at: SAM20, BLU83+
Other: proc rate 15%
Other: to get this ability on BLU, set appropriate Blue Magic spells worth 8 trait points

Zanshin II
Learn at: SAM35
Other: proc rate 25%

Zanshin III
Learn at: SAM50
Other: proc rate 35%

Zanshin IV
Learn at: SAM65
Other: proc rate 45%

Zanshin V
Learn at: SAM95
Other: proc rate 50%


Type: Default Ability
Learn: Samurai
Description: Decreases ability cooldowns

Category: Ability

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