There are two different Japanese abilities that both have been translated as 'Windstorm'. The first is 烈風の陣 [reppuu no jin] or 'battle formation of violent wind' in Japanese. The second is ウィンドバースト [windburst], which is not to be confused with the ability Windburst that comes from a third different ability in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: White Magic, Category: Enhancing Magic, MP: 30
Learn at: SCH 45
Casting: 3 s, Recast: 15 s, Duration: 180 s
Buy: ? gil (sell: ? gil)
Shop: Layton/Eldieme Necropolis [S]
Description: Changes the weather around target party member to "windy"
Other: 烈風の陣 in Japanese

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Type: Physical, ATB Cost: 2
Target: Enemy, Element: Wind, Power: x0.6 / x1.8, Fluctuation Margin: 4%
Chain Bonus Raise: 0.5, Time Extension: 1.17 / 0.9 s
Launch Height: -, Cut Rate: 25, Keep Rate: 25
Learn: Shaman lv 4
Effect: Deals Wind element damage to the enemy with slashing blades and wind, and deals Wound damage in proportion to the damage done
Other: when two options are provided for any data, the first is the attack done with slashing blades, the second the attack done with wind. Note that wind attacks eight times
Other: Chain Bonus raise is 1.0 / 1.1 when enemy is staggered
Other: ウィンドバースト in Japanese

Category: Ability

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