White Wind

ホワイトウインド [white wind] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy V

Type: Monster Ability
Effect: restores HP to all party members. HP healed dependent on caster's current HP
Targets: 1
Usable: Dark Elemental, Enchanted Fan, Hellraiser, White Flame

Final Fantasy IX

Type: Blue Magic, MP: 14
Learn from: ?
Other: Restores HP to all party members

Tactics Advance

Type: Blue Magic, MP: 12
Range: 3
Learn from: Sprite
Other: Heals multiple units. Amount healed equals caster's HP


Type: Blue Magic, Equip Cost: 45, AP Cost: 150
Target: AoE, Power: 40, Element: -
Cast time: ?, Recast: 20 sec
Learn: 0 CP, Specialty: Blue Mage
Unlock: kill one of the following on Blue Mage after it uses this ability: Chocobo (level ★★★★★★ forward), White Chocobo
Description: Creates an area of wind that heals allies' HP. HP continues to be healed while the wind remains. When HP is high, the amount healed becomes greater.

Category: Ability

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