Vivacious Pulse

ビベイシャス [vivacious] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Ability
Learn at: RUN65, Use: any
Cast Time: instant, Recast: 1 min, Duration: -
Range: self, Radius: self, Cumulative Enmity: ?, Volatile Enmity: ?
Description: Restores the caster's HP
Other: doesn't consume runes but is dependent on them (similar to a Ward ability), restores HP based on each rune's corresponding stat (high the player's stat is in that stat) and their Divine Magic skill, a Tenebrae rune restores mostly MP and a little HP
Other: HP Restored = 10 + (Divine skill / 2) + (Rune1 stat x 0.5) + (Rune2 stat x 0.5) + (Rune3 stat x 0.5), drop decimals at each step, have stat at 0 for Tenebrae
Other: MP Restored = (Divine Skill / 10) x (Number of Tenebrae + 1), drop decimals at each step
Other: can be modified by job points and Erilaz Galea

Category: Ability

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