Trust: Volker

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Trust Magic, Element: Light, MP: 0
Learn: Trust: Bastok, Use: lv 1 all jobs
Casting: ~2 sec, Recast: 4 min
Abilities: Berserk-Ruf, Red Lotus Blade, Spirits Within, Vorpal Blade, Provoke
Description: Calls an alter ego of Volker
Other: requires Mission rank 6. Obtained by talking to Lucius in Metalworks I-9

Summon: With Volker, leader of the Mythril Musketeers, at your side, you've nothing to fear!
Summon with Naji: Forget anything, Naji? Got your shoes on the right feet this time?
Summon with Cid: Ah, Cid, always plunging yourself into the fray. Some things never change.
Summon with Klara: Captain? Or are you her daughter?
Defeat: Could it be I am…unfit to lead?
Dismiss: A good adventure always rests well on the heart!
Special, Berserk-Ruf: There is no room for contemplation on the battlefield!

Category: Ability

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