Trust: Prishe

Final Fantasy XI

Prishe (regular)
Type: Trust Magic, Element: Light, MP: 0
Learn: Dawn, Use: lv 1 all jobs
Casting: ~2 sec, Recast: 4 min
Abilities: Knuckle Sandwich, Auroral Uppercut, Nullifying Dropkick, Cure I-IV, level-appropriate MNK/WHM traits
Description: Calls an alter ego of Prishe
Other: must check Walnut Door at K-7 in Tavnazian Stronghold after quest completion while in possession of Trust Permit to obtain

Summon: Prishe, reporting in! Time to break out the grub–your treat!
Summon with Ulmia: Ulmia, gimme some good background music for my skull smashing!
Summon with Cherukiki: Cherukiki, if you make so much as one wrong step I'll kick you to hell and back!
Summon with Kukki-Chebukki: Kukki-Chebukki, don't make me come over there and give you a swift punch to the face!
Summon with Makki-Chebukki: You better watch yourself, Makki, or I'll turn that head of yours into guacamole!
Summon with Mildaurion: Sorry in advance, Mildaurion, but I've gotta pound these fools into pulp!
Defeat: Aww, crap…
Dismiss: If you get your head chopped off before I get back, I'll kick the holy hell out of your lifeless body!

Prishe II
Data coming soon

Summon: Get your dukes up. Time to laugh in the face of oblivion!
Summon with Tenzen: Hey, Tenzen! Watch me unload a fistful of light onto that "dark and scary" future of yours!
Summon with Nashmeira II: Got our backs, right Aphmau?
Summon with Lilisette II: Ready to bash 'em in, Lilisette?
Summon with Arciela II: C'mon, Arciela, and follow my lead!
Summon with Iroha II: Yo, Iroha–let's get some rice balls when we’re done here!
Summon with Lion II: We make quite the dynamic duo, eh Lion?
Defeat: No! Eat me! I can't lose. I won't…lose…!
Dismiss: My work here is done.
Special, Nullifying Dropkick: Welcome to Painville!

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