Trust: Maat

Final Fantasy XI

Maat (regular)
Type: Trust Magic, Element: Light, MP: 0
Learn: talk to Maat after completing 6 different Shattering Stars, Use: lv 1 all jobs
Casting: ~2 sec, Recast: 4 min
Abilities: Mantra, Asuran Fists, Bear Killer
Description: Calls an alter ego of Maat

Summon: Hoho! Let me at 'em!
Defeat: All I can do now is…cheer you on from the sidelines…
Dismiss: If you don't need me, then I'll go help someone else!
Special, Bear Killer: Heh heh heh!

Maat (Unity Concord)
Data coming soon

Summon: Ready to crack some skulls? Heh heh heh.
Summon with high UC ranking: Nothin' like a good battle to bring glory to the Unity!
Summon with Unity shirt: Amazing work you've done bringin' those Unity accolades home to roost!
Defeat: Heh heh heh…I was…too slow.
Dismiss: You've still got limits to exceed, young one! I know you can do it!

Category: Ability

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