Trust: Kukki-Chebukki

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Trust Magic, Element: Light, MP: 0
Learn: trade in Cipher Kukki, Use: lv 1 all jobs
Casting: ~2 sec, Recast: 4 min
Abilities: Stone/Aero/Water/Fire/Blizzard/Thunder I-V, Stonega/Aeroga/Waterga/Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga I-III, Rasp, Choke, Drown, Burn, Freeze, Shock, Meteor
Description: Calls an alter ego of Kukki-Chebukki

Summon: Don't stop now–it's Kukki-Chebukki!
Summon with Makki-Chebukki: Makki! Muahahahahaha!
Summon with Cherukiki: Cherukiki! Muahahahaha!
Summon with Prishe: It's Prishe! Ruuuuuun!
Summon with Tenzen: Why, look! Tenzen, back for more!
Defeat: I won't let you off so easy…next time!
Dismiss: Hey, hey! I said you couldn't do that!
Special, Meteor: Teee!

Category: Ability

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