Trust: Curilla

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Trust Magic, Element: Light, MP: 0
Learn: Trust: San d'Oria, Use: lv 1 all jobs
Casting: ~2 sec, Recast: 4 min
Abilities: Red Lotus Blade, Seraph Blade, Swift Blade, Sentinel, Flash, Cure I-IV
Description: Calls an alter ego of Curilla V Mecru
Other: requires Mission rank 3 (for access to the Chateau)

Summon: Even the mightiest birds give their all when hunting the smallest of prey!
Summon with Trion: Prince Trion, I pledge to protect you from harm…even if it means my life.
Summon with Rainemard: Rainemard…? But that…that was my kindhearted father's name…
Summon with Rahal: Perhaps a small cup of Batallian tea will help lift your spirits, Rahal.
Summon with Halver: Halver, I trust you will not get in over your head.
Defeat: There is no excuse for my failure…I have sullied my own honor.
Dismiss: Was this…what it feels like to be on a rite of courtship?

Category: Ability

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