Triple Burst

トリプルバースト [triple burst] in Japanese.



Type: Magic Gun Ability, Rarity: Normal+, Max Level: 10
Target: single, Chain: Shooting, Element: -
Stats (lv1): Physical attack 10, Impacting ?, ACC -20, Recast 50.67 sec, Style cost 6, Style strength 10
Stats (lv5): Physical attack 10, Impacting ?, ACC -15, Recast 48.13 sec, Style cost 5, Style strength 35
Stats (lv10): Physical attack 10, Impacting 20, ACC -10, Recast 45.60 sec, Style cost 4, Style strength 67
Buy: - (sell: 800 gil ability, 200 gil recipe)
Obtain: most Crystal gacha
Obtain Recipe: Isqah Region (Investigate the land around the town), request Notification: Spearmanship Club
Synthesis: Triple Burst Tome, Wind Magicite x3, Steel Plate x2, 200 gil, success 80.0%
Strengthen: 200 gil/80.0% (lv1), 359 gil/60.0% (lv5), 520 gil/40.0% (lv9), total cost 3,238 gil
Description: Magic Gun exclusive. Three-fold attack.

Category: Ability

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