Triple Attack

トリプルアタック [triple attack] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy XI

Type: Job Trait
Description: May triple your attacks
Other: procs a max of two times per weapon skill, can proc on both hits of H2H or dual wielded weapons, is included in max 8 hits per round
Other: affected by merits and various equipment
Other: the Blue Magic spells that give trait points for this ability are Acrid Stream (4), Demoralizing Roar (4), Empty Thrash (4), Heavy Strike (4) and Thrashing Assault (8)

Triple Attack I
Learn at: THF55, BLU92+
Other: procs ~5% of the time
Other: to get this ability on BLU, set appropriate Blue Magic spells worth 16 trait points

Triple Attack II
Learn at: THF96
Other: procs ~6% of the time

Category: Ability

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