Thunder SHG

サンダーSHG [thunder SHG] in Japanese. 'SHG' stands for 'shotgun'.



Type: Attack Magic, Rarity: Normal, Max Level: 5
Target: target and narrow line in front of caster, Chain: Lightning, Element: Lightning
Stats (lv1): Magic attack 3, Lightning attack 10, Recast 48.00 sec, Style cost 4, Style strength 4
Stats (lv5): Magic attack 5, Lightning attack 15, Recast 45.60 sec, Style cost 3, Style strength ?
Buy: - (sell: 80 gil ability, 20 gil recipe)
Obtain: ?
Obtain Recipe: Rubrum Region (Defeat the fiends of Aqvi Forest, Defeat the fiends lurking in the cave), North Togoreth Region (Investigate the border with Souryu, Investigate the mountain peak at the Genbu border), Eibon Region (Investigate the surrounds of the border fortress, Chase the mysterious shadow that appears in the fortress), requests Thunder Trials 1, Thunder Trials 2, Friend gacha
Synthesis: Thunder SHG Tome, Lightning Ore x3, 20 gil, success 95.0%
Strengthen: 20 gil/95.0% (lv1), ? (lv4), total cost ? gil
Description: Deals a magical Lightning-element attack on enemies in a set line in front of the caster.
Other: hits 5 times

Category: Ability

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